Friday, October 17, 2014

Paris Day 6

I bet you weren't expecting Paris. I discovered that I'm only on Day 6 of my day-to-day summaries.

On this day we go to the Palace of Versailles! Versailles is just a 90 minute train ride away from Paris. It was actually quite nice to get away from the City and see some more of the area!


Louis XIV met us at the entrance!


The front view of the palace. Darn tourists wouldn't get out of the way for my picture!


The palace gates.




After we stood in line, and got past the gates, we could see the building a bit better. So beautiful!


One of the first rooms we saw inside- I believe this was a chapel?


The royal family.


I believe this was Marie Antoinette?


I went to a window to steal a peek at the view outside. Wow. Beautiful gardens as far as the eye can see!


Can you imagine using these doors? So grand.


Details everywhere.


The biggest fireplace I've ever seen. Tourist, get out of my way!


Just a simple little room...


Ceiling detail.




A royal bed. Bigger than it looks.



Ahhhhh! The Hall of Mirrors! You read about this in history books but it's so beautiful in person.




Sister selfie in the Hall of Mirrors!





More views outside.




Self-guided tour selfie. My sister Ana told us about these Rick Steve's audio tours. We were able to put them on our iphones and follow along with the suggested tour. It was pretty awesome to learn about the palace, and not just walk through clueless about all the beauty and history.




Jimmy again, admiring the artwork. Those paintings were HUGE.




The view of the back of the palace.


And finally off to explore the gardens! We had to follow a map because the area is so huge.




The fountain wasn't turned on, but it was still pretty.





Yum. We found gelato.


You could rent canoes, bicycles, golf carts to get around.


Enjoying the gardens. Pretending we're royalty :)


I want to say that this is Marie Antoinette's "cottage". A little side property where she escaped the court. The cottage and gardens were very feminine- pink marble and things.








Jim found a pool table!



Saying goodbye to Versailles, back at the entrance.


We found this poor soul in this costume, in the awful heat. I felt for him so I gave him some coins.


We bowed to each other.


When we got back to Paris, we stopped for a sweet. Eclair. Get in my belly.


The hotel elevator was pretty small. Only once or twice before did we all cram into the elevator at once. This was the comical squishing of us all.


We rested up and then met up for dinner.

Oh, and drinks. Always a nice drink or two :)

My Foxy Lady champagne drink..


Jimmy and his Campari.


And I had a Ginger something something too.


Rich. Pinkie in the air!


Vino for my Sis.


More great food!




Risotto, wild mushrooms, and chicken. Yum.


And afterwards we hit a Macaron shop.



I love them!


It's so nice to think of these days still. Seems like just yesterday that we were there!


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