Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spring Break begins!

We were glad that James and I shared the same week for Spring Break. I was determined to get out of the house and do fun things.

On our first day we hit Grand Slam in Coon Rapids. Grand Slam, I found, has it all. A bunch of activities for active kids. Unfortunately, we were the only ones there. Usually that would be great, but it was a bummer that there weren't other kids in the play area and the bumper cars.

We still had fun. I couldn't go in the play area (no adults) so I watched James for a long time.

There were these air "cannons" that were supposed to shoot the foam balls throughout the caged area. James couldn't get them to work. I broke the rules and went inside to problem solve. Finally, we got a worker and it was fixed. I was then given permission to stay inside the area to play :)




Coon Rapids obviously is bringing a bit of culture to the community...



My job was to collect all the balls for James to fire in the cannons. This was hard work!


Bounce house.


Bumper cars. I had a one-time pass for a bumper car ride, but James was unlimited. He loved to spin around and around. With tongue :)


And we hit the mini golf course. It is hard to know what skills James has at this point. He tries, but he doesn't. I'm anxious to get him on the real courses this spring!







James Tower. Ha.


This happens to terrible children, I told James.



Just a few tokens to play some arcade games.


ooooh skee ball!


And that was exhausting.


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