Saturday, April 13, 2013

Weekend with James

I don't even remember why I had James all to myself one weekend in March but these are our pictures.


If James picks out a lunch destination, you can be sure it is either DQ, McD's, or Culver's. I believe on this day it was McDonald's. Yum. (Not really.)


He chose to go to Chuck E Cheese for the day's entertainment.

He loves skee ball.



In a lot of pictures you'll see the tongue.



He won that game.


And finished our afternoon with a visit to Grandma Laura's favorite yogurt shop in Blaine. We think it's good. For James it really doesn't matter. He only likes plain chocolate. No toppings, no other flavors.


The next day was Saturday and I took James to his beloved Lego museum. But on this day he was excited because he was going to be the TRAIN MASTER! He brought his new train (from Christmas) because they allow guest trains to run the track.

He was the envy of all the other kids!


His train zipped around the entire track, and James and I ran alongside of it the best that we could. There was quite the crowd!



He was so proud and happy!




We always visit the (overpriced for us) Lego store at the end. On this day I refused to consider a $8 minifigure.


We hit another favorite spot. Snuffy's Malt Shop!


This kid has the BEST LIFE!


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