Saturday, April 13, 2013


The rest of our spring break was a lot of comings and goings. We went to several fun places and stayed home a bit too. I made a real concentrated effort to PLAY too. It was fun :)


James and his "invention". Fan on fan.


I don't have many pictures from this outing, but one day we went SWIMMING. Like MOM in the pool too! We went to the Shoreview Community Center for the afternoon. There was a school group at the pool, but they were soon to leave (we were told) so we put up with the crowd for a short half an hour before having the pool almost all to ourselves.

James is very brave in the pool. He was eager to show me all of his skills. I tried not to be a worried, hovering Mom but...

No pictures from the pool. My camera was safely in a locker.

There was also an indoor playground. I didn't take many pictures because I was in the moment. I watched James climb and run all over the place.


On another day we met Grandma Rose for lunch.

She just cannot keep her hands off my boy. James does not want for love or attention. EVER.


Grandma Rose and James get so into each other, that they FORGOT ME in the mall. They left me downstairs and then rushed back to find me, when they realized I was missing. Whaaaaaat?!


Hmmm. There was a Lego gift involved that day.



The rest of the week was fun and games at home. We had a great week!



James learned how to play MY game on the ipad.


And then he said, Do you want me to teach YOU how to play Angry Birds?

With all the lessons he's given other people, I've always avoided the game. I just figure its his.



I still don't know the game.



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