Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sick Baby- Day #3

Well, yesterday morning was very sad. Its very sad to hold a sick, miserable baby in your arms and know that you can't do anything more to help him. James was snotty, coughing, red-eyed, and very clingy. Naptime did not go well but at 11am, James fell asleep on my chest. I was very uncomfortable for 15 minutes but it was worth it to have James get a few minutes of sleep.

The Motrin seemed to wear off by noon and I noticed that James was very hot again. We took his temperature and it was 104! Jim called the doctor's office and they said to give Motrin religiously every 6 hours and keep up with the antibiotics. Beyond that, there wouldn't be much else they could do if we went to urgent care. James again fell asleep on top of me, and Jim was able to transfer him to the crib. He slept for about an hour.

Luckily James' temp lowered when we checked again. The rest of the day was highs and lows. James would cheer up momentarily and then break into tears and insist on being held. We put him to bed right at 7pm and he's been silent ever since. Healing is tough work and exhausting, I suppose.

James woke up at 4am. Yikes. I tried to hurry and get his Motrin and bottle ready, figuring he didn't eat much or drink his milk last night and he was hungry. Wow, was I right. He gulped his bottle and then was wide awake. Luckily, I put him down in his crib like we normally do and he fell asleep within a few minutes. He slept until 7am.

It was my turn to sleep in so I woke up at around 9am and James was looking completely normal! He was playing, smiling, and Jim reported that he ate well and took his medicine.

A temp check just now says that he is normal! He is happily playing with a bouncy ball that his Dada bought for him at the grocery store and trying to push buttons the TV. I'd say that's back to normal!

We're so glad to have our happy, wonderful James back.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sick Baby- Day #2

James cried in his sleep off and on since 4:30am. I would listen and he would stop within a minute. At 6am it seemed like he was really awake so I got up to get him. He was still sleeping. He felt VERY warm so I woke him up to get him changed, give him medicine, and take his temp. It was 102.5, a temp but probably normal considering he's sick and has his ear infection.

Our sick baby spent a lot of time on my lap this morning, watching TV. We've drastically cut back on his TV, but I'm spoiling him and keeping him happy. He had an okay bottle and a small amount of oatmeal, so I'm happy about that. He's been very crabby, hot, snotty, and clingy.

I did get him to smile a few times, so there is a happy boy in there somewhere!

Right now I can hear him stirring. He's had a hard time napping. Off and on crying, sniffling, coughing. I'm going to get him soon to cuddle and just get through the day.

Poor Baby James!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Uh Oh!

James' eye is red and puffy again. No waiting this time, I immediately made a doctor's appointment for this afternoon. We see a different doctor at 4pm.

Another Uh Oh is that Sandra just called me unexpectedly. This scared me! She was just calling to me that one of the little girls went home sick today with a temp of 103, and one other little girl hasn't been to daycare for two days because she is sick too. Let's hope that something is not going around!

She said James is fine- acting normally and no temp (its 100.3 but that's a high normal). She's keeping an eye on his temp though. I think she called too just so I would have all this information for the doctor this afternoon. When I pick up James today I'll probably fly in and out of Sandra's house, so I'm glad she did call.

I do kind of think that James might have a reaction to tomatoes. We had spaghetti yesterday and I kind of was waiting to see if he would have bad diarrhea again. I'm not positive that there is a connection, but its funny that his eye acted up again. Who knows if food allergies work like that anyway.

We had a great family night last night. We were all sitting on the floor while James played with his newest Baby Einstein book (it makes sounds). He kept pressing the music buttons over and over, and each time Jim and I would "dance" to the music. James would imitate us and laugh. We just look at him and think he's the cutest

5pm update: The doctor was very nice, we may need to switch to her! Anyway, James' temp went up to 101.7 or so, his ears needed to be cleared out of earwax, and when that was done she found an ear infection! So we are back on antibiotics. The red, swollen eye is unexplainable. It should clear up soon. Our weekend will probably be at home, away from others. James has been exposed to strep too- we found out that the second little girl went to the doctor and had strep. Well, James will no doubt be healthy by Monday.

Monday, February 18, 2008

President's Day

A day off after a busy weekend with Grandma Rosie and Tia Ana & Tio Rich.

Today we (James and Mama) headed to Northtown Mall to run an errand and then to give James a chance to play at the children's area called "Bacon & Eggs". He LOVED being around the other kids, sitting shyly at times on the side, but then other times running up to people, throwing up his hand, smiling, and then running away. Too cute! He was a busy boy running around and climbing on the waffles, the bacon, and the eggs. He wiped himself out because we played a bit more at home and then he took his normal nap at 2pm until 4pm. I woke him up at 4! He must have been exhausted.

Fun day :) Back to the grind tomorrow.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Mexican Baby

Today's Sesame Street was Mexican themed. Rosita (a character) missed Mexico so her Sesame Street pals recreated a Mexican fiesta for her. James watched the sing-along and here is what happened. Please see the video below and turn up your volume to hear the music :)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Too cold!

It is too cold for us to go anywhere fun today. We have spent a quiet day at home, except for when Dada went to get groceries. For those not in Minnesota, it is a cold -12 degrees with a wind chill of -35!

We went to Rosedale Mall yesterday to buy James new big boy shoes, and because I had an errand there, and then to have lunch at Big Bowl. Yum. James ended up getting size 6 toddler shoes- they are a cute black, blue, and grey tennis shoe. We shopped at Payless for his shoes, even though Stride Rite was right across. We agreed that for this stage and type of shoe, James could get by with a $20 pair of shoes rather than a $45 pair. I think for the summer we will definitely get Stride Rite sandals, for the most comfortable fit.

Dada went to get the car and we met him at the front entrance. We were nearly blown away by an artic wind and spray of snowdrifts. James was very stunned, and probably cold, but did not cry. Jim said he thought James was going to be blown away! James has done very, very well with cold weather- he actually smiles when I take him outside. We're only ever in the cold for brief periods, like from the car to a house, but he does not mind the cold at all. We make a game of it and blow cold puffs at each other.

Speaking of games, one of James' favorite games right now is to bring books to us. He will follow us around the kitchen or bring a book to us when we are sitting and rock back and forth on his feet until we read it to him. We then need to read the book at least twice before he is happy. His favorite books are still the Leslie Patricelli books, with the baby character. He can't get enough of those! He also really likes his interactive books with sounds. This week I bought a new book at Target with Baby Einstein sounds.

Food has been challenging. We are in a rut. His old favorites aren't favorites anymore. Give James a Ritz cracker and he is perfectly happy!

James is having smaller and smaller milk bottles. He prefers to carry around his water sippy cup, but doesn't take milk from it well. We're continuing with the bottles, especially in the morning and at bedtime, for who knows how long. I wonder if our doctor will yell at us? We didn't end up seeing him last week, our appointment was rescheduled for this upcoming Wednesday.

Well, James is up early from his nap. He is crying :( I think he might have a new tooth coming in.

This week: Doctor's appointment on Wednesday, and Grandma Rosie is coming this weekend! We still need to finalize some plans with Grandma, but we think she's coming. James will be so happy to get some Grandma time!

Monday, February 4, 2008


James is a football fan. Well, he likes to throw things- does that count?

Jim (Dada) had his friends over for the big game and James was in a great mood. One person even asked, is he always this happy and smiling? Our answer, yes- about 80% of the time :) We are very lucky!

There was one other child at our house and it was interesting to watch James interact with her. She is almost four and was very interested in James' toys. James would watch her play and try to touch the same book or toy, but she paid little attention to him. I wondered if he would get possessive of his toys, or be upset if she didn't play "with" him. But it was all good!

James and I had a day alone on Saturday because Jim had a pool tournament. It was a nice day. We fingerpainted, read lots of books, and practiced with James' puzzles.

Another busy week for this Mama. I have lots of work stuff on my mind (ambitious projects) and then on Thursday James has his 15 month wellness appointment with Dr. Nelson. I hope James is not off the charts for weight because of his big belly!!