Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sick Baby- Day #3

Well, yesterday morning was very sad. Its very sad to hold a sick, miserable baby in your arms and know that you can't do anything more to help him. James was snotty, coughing, red-eyed, and very clingy. Naptime did not go well but at 11am, James fell asleep on my chest. I was very uncomfortable for 15 minutes but it was worth it to have James get a few minutes of sleep.

The Motrin seemed to wear off by noon and I noticed that James was very hot again. We took his temperature and it was 104! Jim called the doctor's office and they said to give Motrin religiously every 6 hours and keep up with the antibiotics. Beyond that, there wouldn't be much else they could do if we went to urgent care. James again fell asleep on top of me, and Jim was able to transfer him to the crib. He slept for about an hour.

Luckily James' temp lowered when we checked again. The rest of the day was highs and lows. James would cheer up momentarily and then break into tears and insist on being held. We put him to bed right at 7pm and he's been silent ever since. Healing is tough work and exhausting, I suppose.

James woke up at 4am. Yikes. I tried to hurry and get his Motrin and bottle ready, figuring he didn't eat much or drink his milk last night and he was hungry. Wow, was I right. He gulped his bottle and then was wide awake. Luckily, I put him down in his crib like we normally do and he fell asleep within a few minutes. He slept until 7am.

It was my turn to sleep in so I woke up at around 9am and James was looking completely normal! He was playing, smiling, and Jim reported that he ate well and took his medicine.

A temp check just now says that he is normal! He is happily playing with a bouncy ball that his Dada bought for him at the grocery store and trying to push buttons the TV. I'd say that's back to normal!

We're so glad to have our happy, wonderful James back.

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