Sunday, February 10, 2008

Too cold!

It is too cold for us to go anywhere fun today. We have spent a quiet day at home, except for when Dada went to get groceries. For those not in Minnesota, it is a cold -12 degrees with a wind chill of -35!

We went to Rosedale Mall yesterday to buy James new big boy shoes, and because I had an errand there, and then to have lunch at Big Bowl. Yum. James ended up getting size 6 toddler shoes- they are a cute black, blue, and grey tennis shoe. We shopped at Payless for his shoes, even though Stride Rite was right across. We agreed that for this stage and type of shoe, James could get by with a $20 pair of shoes rather than a $45 pair. I think for the summer we will definitely get Stride Rite sandals, for the most comfortable fit.

Dada went to get the car and we met him at the front entrance. We were nearly blown away by an artic wind and spray of snowdrifts. James was very stunned, and probably cold, but did not cry. Jim said he thought James was going to be blown away! James has done very, very well with cold weather- he actually smiles when I take him outside. We're only ever in the cold for brief periods, like from the car to a house, but he does not mind the cold at all. We make a game of it and blow cold puffs at each other.

Speaking of games, one of James' favorite games right now is to bring books to us. He will follow us around the kitchen or bring a book to us when we are sitting and rock back and forth on his feet until we read it to him. We then need to read the book at least twice before he is happy. His favorite books are still the Leslie Patricelli books, with the baby character. He can't get enough of those! He also really likes his interactive books with sounds. This week I bought a new book at Target with Baby Einstein sounds.

Food has been challenging. We are in a rut. His old favorites aren't favorites anymore. Give James a Ritz cracker and he is perfectly happy!

James is having smaller and smaller milk bottles. He prefers to carry around his water sippy cup, but doesn't take milk from it well. We're continuing with the bottles, especially in the morning and at bedtime, for who knows how long. I wonder if our doctor will yell at us? We didn't end up seeing him last week, our appointment was rescheduled for this upcoming Wednesday.

Well, James is up early from his nap. He is crying :( I think he might have a new tooth coming in.

This week: Doctor's appointment on Wednesday, and Grandma Rosie is coming this weekend! We still need to finalize some plans with Grandma, but we think she's coming. James will be so happy to get some Grandma time!

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