Monday, February 4, 2008


James is a football fan. Well, he likes to throw things- does that count?

Jim (Dada) had his friends over for the big game and James was in a great mood. One person even asked, is he always this happy and smiling? Our answer, yes- about 80% of the time :) We are very lucky!

There was one other child at our house and it was interesting to watch James interact with her. She is almost four and was very interested in James' toys. James would watch her play and try to touch the same book or toy, but she paid little attention to him. I wondered if he would get possessive of his toys, or be upset if she didn't play "with" him. But it was all good!

James and I had a day alone on Saturday because Jim had a pool tournament. It was a nice day. We fingerpainted, read lots of books, and practiced with James' puzzles.

Another busy week for this Mama. I have lots of work stuff on my mind (ambitious projects) and then on Thursday James has his 15 month wellness appointment with Dr. Nelson. I hope James is not off the charts for weight because of his big belly!!

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