Monday, February 18, 2008

President's Day

A day off after a busy weekend with Grandma Rosie and Tia Ana & Tio Rich.

Today we (James and Mama) headed to Northtown Mall to run an errand and then to give James a chance to play at the children's area called "Bacon & Eggs". He LOVED being around the other kids, sitting shyly at times on the side, but then other times running up to people, throwing up his hand, smiling, and then running away. Too cute! He was a busy boy running around and climbing on the waffles, the bacon, and the eggs. He wiped himself out because we played a bit more at home and then he took his normal nap at 2pm until 4pm. I woke him up at 4! He must have been exhausted.

Fun day :) Back to the grind tomorrow.

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