Friday, February 22, 2008

Uh Oh!

James' eye is red and puffy again. No waiting this time, I immediately made a doctor's appointment for this afternoon. We see a different doctor at 4pm.

Another Uh Oh is that Sandra just called me unexpectedly. This scared me! She was just calling to me that one of the little girls went home sick today with a temp of 103, and one other little girl hasn't been to daycare for two days because she is sick too. Let's hope that something is not going around!

She said James is fine- acting normally and no temp (its 100.3 but that's a high normal). She's keeping an eye on his temp though. I think she called too just so I would have all this information for the doctor this afternoon. When I pick up James today I'll probably fly in and out of Sandra's house, so I'm glad she did call.

I do kind of think that James might have a reaction to tomatoes. We had spaghetti yesterday and I kind of was waiting to see if he would have bad diarrhea again. I'm not positive that there is a connection, but its funny that his eye acted up again. Who knows if food allergies work like that anyway.

We had a great family night last night. We were all sitting on the floor while James played with his newest Baby Einstein book (it makes sounds). He kept pressing the music buttons over and over, and each time Jim and I would "dance" to the music. James would imitate us and laugh. We just look at him and think he's the cutest

5pm update: The doctor was very nice, we may need to switch to her! Anyway, James' temp went up to 101.7 or so, his ears needed to be cleared out of earwax, and when that was done she found an ear infection! So we are back on antibiotics. The red, swollen eye is unexplainable. It should clear up soon. Our weekend will probably be at home, away from others. James has been exposed to strep too- we found out that the second little girl went to the doctor and had strep. Well, James will no doubt be healthy by Monday.

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