Sunday, February 23, 2014


One weekend morning, James came upstairs to snuggle with me. You see, he gets up early. We insist that he wait until at least 6:00 before he leaves his room. We find that otherwise he goes downstairs super early to play a video game or watch TV. On weekends he's the first to wake up, and so we enjoy sleeping in for half an hour or even an hour before we go downstairs to join him.

Oh, who am I kidding? I get to sleep in until 8 or sometimes 9 because my boys are good to me!

But it is a pleasant morning to wake up to this face next to me!





Yup, ladies still stop us in public to tell us how beautiful James' eyes are. Yes, he is adorable! I make sure to compliment his personality and intelligence constantly so that he doesn't get too concerned with his handsome good looks :)



So I convinced James to play a game with me.



Oh! I sunk his battleship!


But he still won. Legitimately!


Spending his dollars

So the Bestie received the Disney Infinity system for his Wii for Christmas. James has been over to Dane's house for a few play dates as well and really liked the system. He decided to spend some of his saved allowance to buy his own system. Yeah!

There are collectible characters that go with the system. James received two of the characters with the starter pack, and might save some more of his allowance to buy the others!

So it finally came in the mail, after Jim ordered it through Amazon.

And James was so happy to play it!


For a few days and then lost interest!

Yes, that's why we need to be careful of our investments...


Day off- Science Museum with his Bestie

James also had the day after MLK Day off from school. I did not. So Jim, SuperDad that he is, took the dayy off and even invited James' bestie Dane to join them on a Science Museum outing.

I don't know the stories behind these pictures, but I was glad to see the picture proof that the boys had a great day!





















Dane is a year younger. He is a good friend for James.

Jim said the boys lasted ALL DAY at the museum. Unheard of! I knew it would be different with a friend. I'm sure everything was much more interesting that way! I can imagine Jim probably just tagged along! But how fun to see James having so much fun.



It was right around MLK day that James discovered Minecraft. Oh dear.


Who knew that this would be one of his hardcore obsessions??



I was pleased when James came home with this worksheet on MLK. He even could tell me that he "stood up for people". Good stuff!


Weekend Life

So James got very good at giving me the rainbow loom bracelets to make. He would set them up, or at least tell me which colors he wanted for the more complex designs, and then walk away. Say what?

So I started to enjoy a beverage while making these darn bracelets.


I figured it was way past time to teach James how to cut and maneuver his way around a knife. He helped with this fresh pineapple.



As long as I'm making bracelets, I figured I should make myself a rainbow one to wear at school/work!


I don't know why...

I don't know why...


there was a naked boy running through my living room!


Happy Birthday Grandma Rose!

It was Grandma Rose's birthday on January 7th. We helped her celebrate at a family dinner.


James made his Grandma a Rainbow Loom bracelet. He was very excited to give it to her, in the nice little black and white box that I found in my jewelry collection.


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Our pond

I'm terrified of it. And then I saw this hole. Even with the extreme cold we still had open water! Not safe! So I see all of our neighbors on the pond, skating and having fun, and I watch them just in case I need to call 911.



I'm glad James has showed little interest in joining them. I'm sure it's just our corner of the pond, because of the nearby drainage, but still...


Cold Days

I happened to be out with friends when we heard that school was cancelled for the next day. We celebrated with these rather large drinks. All of our teacher friends were texting and posting on Facebook with much happiness!


So we kept busy at home.


James perfected his orange peeling skills.


We made a few Rainbow Loom bracelets.




And tried on hats? Actually this was to show Tia ChaCha that it still fits.


And I'm sure there was a lot of Mario game playing. It's all a blur now!


Dad's Geekery




Play date with a girl!

My friend Sara met us at the Shoreview Community Center in early January for a play date with her kids. Her little girl Nora is adorable and all of 3 years old. Her little man is only 1 years old. James was the big kid of the group. He was so sweet and helped Nora down this slide because she was a little afraid. He held her hand all the way down. My heart could have burst with the cuteness but also because I was proud of him.



He wanted to try everything at the play structure and took a lot of pride in the fact that he could reach all of the "tall" play things. He is getting pretty strong! It's all that milk and fruit :)



I was also proud of my boy when he didn't complain one bit about the cold. Sara also had a itty bitty baby that she was babysitting, after one of our teacher friends (who also participated in the play date) had to leave for a doctor's appointment. I didn't know how Sara would get all three kids to her car so I helped carry the baby (in the car seat) while she herded her little ones through the cold parking lot.

James was the big kid and didn't require herding or even hand holding. I forgot how heavy those car seats are! OMG. So after they were safe in their mini van, we had to walk through the parking lot to the far end to our car. James was a trooper. And it was dang cold!