Thursday, November 30, 2006

Poor Jim

I disrupted his busiest work day (Thursdays) by asking him to take the 4:30am feeding, meaning he would also be up at 7:30am too. I wanted the extra couple of hours of sleep. I woke up and poor Jim was juggling his work, a cranky, runny-nosed James, several poopy diapers in an hour, and an upcoming feeding. I quickly took James so that Jim could get back to work. It was just bad timing that all this was going on at once for Jim. He should have woke my lazy butt up!

Early morning experiment: We tried out the Baby Bjorn again! (Yesterday was only for 5 minutes.) I put James in the Bjorn hoping that I could get some breakfast for myself. It worked. He was asleep in the Bjorn up until I started moving around too much. The only thing I'm worried about is James' breathing space in the Bjorn. He's so close to my body that I'm constantly looking down to make sure I'm not smothering him.

Oh that reminds me! It was an awful scary moment last night when the monitor alarm went off! Our baby monitor not only transmits his cries/noises but it also sounds an alarm when it doesn't sense movement (breathing). The alarm went off and I leapt out of bed and ran to the nursery. James has been breathing funny (really heavy, nasally) so I truly was worried that something was wrong. So I got to his crib and all was quiet. I quickly touched him so I could see him breathe and move. He was fine. I still don't know if something was wrong or the monitor is just really sensitive. In any case, I'm glad we have the monitor. Better to be safe!

James is still really cranky!
See new pictures!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Another long night!

James' schedule was off last night because he woke up every 2 to 2.5 hours! I'd be up with him for 45-60 minutes each time, meaning I would get to lie down and sleep for an hour before he'd wake up again. I'm feeling fine because Jim took over early this morning and I slept in until 8am. Woohoo!

My first experiment for today is letting James sleep in his crib without any white/background noise. We don't like that we leave the standing fan on all night and so I'm hoping he can get used to sleeping in silence. So far, so good. He's been napping for more than an hour. I hope he stays down for the 45 more minutes before his next feeding. This Mom would like to eat some lunch!

Hello to my work friends! I've been hearing from a couple of people today, wondering when I can bring James in to visit. I'm thinking early next week? CRMS will see me Tuesday afternoon before the students head out to the quarterly SHAPE dinner. I'm thinking of bringing James to say hello since I can't really attend the dinner this time. I think I'll need to put in another visit on another day too. I have to experiment again with travelling with James by myself. I have yet to operate the carseat myself (Jim has always handled this) and I wonder if I can carry the carseat AND a diaper bag? I might need to take a trip to Target or something as a test run. I also probably need to get out of the house :)

Off to eat lunch.

NEW: Short video in My Baby Video Clips, "Sleeping James" and one new picture in Baby Album "James-Week Four".

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sleepy Tuesday

I think the last couple of weeks are catching up with me. I also think that Baby James is aware of my frustration because he seems to be cooperating more with Jim :( Jim has had to feed him twice today because I've needed a break or needed to go upstairs, and James has fed well and then promptly went to sleep. I can't get James to sleep when he's with me! He's been fussy, making noises for his pacifier or whatever.

I tried to follow the advice of sleep when the baby is sleeping BUT when I tried that this morning, James wouldn't sleep for more than three minutes and his pacifier would fall out. I was napping with the bassinet right by my head so I could easily reach him. It was very frustrating.

I'm sure my family is reading this and wondering how I could be so frustrated when James is such a good baby! He IS a good baby. He seems to do very well with visitors and constant activity. When its been just Jim and myself, he's a bit different. He's not as sound of a sleeper, he cries a bit more, etc. It probably doesn't seem like a lot of work when a baby seems to sleep for 3 hours at a time, but there's always something to be done!

With all this said, we love James very much. I know that these first few months are going to be rough. I can't wait for the "fun" months when he's smiling, his personality is shining through, and he's actually able to play with us.

There's really not too much James news today. Its been the same as every day. He's very beautiful and behaving like a normal baby :)

I think I added some new pictures yesterday? The homepage picture is from the other day when James and I napped side by side. I should try this again today :)

Monday, November 27, 2006

Back to work!

NEW: Pictures in Baby Albums "James-Week Four", "James-Week Three", & "Mom & James". Just a couple :)

Jim is officially back at work. And James is officially three weeks old today!

I don't know where the time goes. I woke up at a decent hour (8am) after 2 nighttime wake-up calls from James. I ate breakfast, fed him again, and now I'm doing laundry and updating this blog. Its already 11am! With his next feeding I plan on giving him a bath afterwards. Wish me luck. It will be my first solo attempt.

I can hear James on the monitor and he's fussing. I thought I had successfully put him down in his crib without his pacifier. UGH. Off I go!

Later: James had a bath! It was very awkward doing it alone but I wanted to try. It was also awkward doing it in the normal tub (baby tub inside normal tub). I didn't have enough hands to wash and then rinse him. He was very squirmy but I think he liked being in the warm water. Usually we've just washed him with wash cloths, not actually submerging him in water.

I'm taking a rest right now. James is in his bassinet next to me and I'm replacing his pacifier every 3-5 minutes.

I feel like I've done nothing today but I'm already tired!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Lazy Sunday

Isn't every Sunday supposed to be restful?

I'm especially tired today despite a pretty good night's sleep. The timing of James' feedings put us at 9pm, 12pm, 4:30am and 7:45am. Jim took the 4:30am feeding, meaning we each only had to get up once during the night.

We're having a constant struggle with the pacifier. I hate that thing! He cries for the darn thing- comfort sucking, I know. There's no good reason NOT to give him the pacifier but I'm selfish in thinking that it disrupts MY sleep. If it falls out of his mouth (which it does very often) I will have to get out of bed, go down the hallway to his nursery, and replace it in his mouth. Doing this several times an hour will be tiring and frustrating. He doesn't seem to fall into a deep sleep with the pacifier in his mouth either. Last night I was able to distract him with a tight swaddle instead of the pacifier. He actually slept for a record 4 1/2 hours from 12pm to 4:30am!

Yesterday: My Mom & Larry babysat James while we went Christmas tree shopping. They left soon after that. Later that day my sister Ana, Rich, my Dad & Julie came over with the makings for dinner! We're so lucky to have people bringing us food :) Really, everyone has been so helpful and considerate of our new parenthood :) Thanks familia!

Hopefully we'll be giving James a bath tonight. Jim is going grocery shopping after dinner. He starts back at work tomorrow- I know he's not too excited about that. We'll see how it goes with Jim working and just me taking care of James. Of course Jim will be able to help out during the work day, but we'll have to see what our new routine will be.

Thanks for reading this!
New pictures in Baby Album "James-Week Three" and "Mom & James". Week four begins tomorrow! James will be a full THREE WEEKS OLD!

Saturday, November 25, 2006


My family came to visit yesterday- it was a day full of poker, food, knitting (Tia Ana was giving lessons), and James. James was the star! Every three hours he would wake up and he had several grandparents willing to fuss over him. Grandma Rosie couldn't keep her hands off of him! I think because of all the daytime activity, James slept fairly well last night. He even slept for 4.5 hours between feedings! Jim was lucky that this was during his shift :) He was able to wake up at 6am instead of 4:30am!

Here to visit yesterday: Tia Ana & Crazy Uncle Rich, Grandma Rosie & Grandpa Larry, Grandpa Frank & Grandma Julie, Grandma Laura.

There are a couple of new pictures in the Baby Album "James-Week Three". They are just random pictures of James sleeping, Grandma Rosie and James, and the beloved Sock Monkey! Grandma Julie made this monkey for James but I think several people have their eye on it. I will have to safeguard it for James :)

I still have to figure out the video clip thing from the new camcorder.

Plans today: No idea! Jim wants to go get a Christmas tree, leaving Grandma Rosie to babysit for an hour or so. I'm sure she'll be willing to do this.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving hangover

Not really. I had some pumpkin pie this morning for breakfast! Yum-o.

Thanksgiving dinner at Tia Ana's was FANTASTIC! Ana is always the best hostess but she outdid herself with her Martha-like skills. My favorite was the homemade green bean casserole and the "m" turkey.

James was very well-behaved for the day. He was fed a bit before dinner and didn't interrupt us at all. Just peacefully slept in his bassinet. Actually, he pretty much slept the whole day.

I don't have any new pictures because we have the new camcorder and I haven't figured out how to transfer the pictures to this computer. We have mostly video now but the camcorder does take still pictures. I just figured out how to take pictures just now. I hope to figure out the transfer today when I have plenty of babysitters in the house.

My family will be invading, err visiting today. My Dad & Julie, Ana & Rich, my Mom & Larry. I think they're planning a poker tournament and grilling for dinner. FFF! (Tia Kristina knows what this means.)

Seriously, I'm so glad that my family is excited and happy that James is here :)

Thursday, November 23, 2006


I'm so excited for turkey, cranberries, and pumpkin pie! Now that I'm off my diabetic diet- watch out!

Short entry today. I really have to rush and get ready, pack for our day trip, and then relax before James wakes up for his next feeding.

My Dad and Julie were here yesterday and they got to see James! He slept all day and wasn't too active, but every three hours he did come alive for feedings :) They also came bearing great gifts- Levis for James, a homemade sock monkey (!), and a camcorder!

We're going over to Tia Ana's house for Tday dinner. I can't wait! Grandma Rosie will be joining us for dessert and then staying for the weekend. I know she's so excited to see James again!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Up at the crack

James had his last feeding at 6am and it was my turn to get up with him. I gladly got up, feeling it was time to start the day anyway. Its amazing how non-lazy I feel now that I have James- before I would sleep til noon if I could!

We did have another peaceful night of sleep, James in the nursery with us listening to the monitor in our bedroom. So far, so good. While I had hoped he would sleep for longer during the nighttime, he is getting up every three hours for food and diaper changes. I guess this might change as he gets older, maybe he'll go for a 6 hour stretch? Cross your fingers.

We had a nice visit with Great Great Uncle Don & Aunt Betty in St. Paul. It was James' first trip to the "big city", as Jim said. On our way home we stopped at Cinnabon for Daddy Jimmy. He will be very happy this morning to have his breakfast :)

Today's plans include having my Dad and Julie over for a visit! I hope they are as excited to see James as I am. I already dressed him in a cute outfit for today.

Well I'm off to make sure our house is presentable to guests. It really is, Jim has been great with cleaning and staying busy!

No new pictures added this morning but there were a couple yesterday, see Baby Album "James-Week Three" and "Mom & James".

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sweet relief!

Jim purchased a baby monitor yesterday and it works! James was fed at 8pm, put down at 9pm, and woke himself up at midnight. We didn't hear a peep from him until he woke himself up and was hungry. The monitor probably did pick up his fussing but it wasn't loud enough for us to hear (which is good). We definitely did hear his cries though.

The monitor is really cool because it does have a movement sensor on it. It picks up the slightest movement like his heartbeat. If something were terribly wrong and he wasn't moving, an alarm would sound.

So after his midnight feeding, he was out until 4:30am and Daddy Jimmy took over. I was able to sleep in but I did have to wake up early to address my milk supply. (I can't go more than 5 hours.) So now I'm up at 6am but I feel so much more well-rested.

New: some pictures in Baby Album "Mom & James" and a short video in My Baby Video Clips, "Fussy Baby". I don't think too many people have seen Baby James fussy... he's usually sleeping when we have visitors. And this isn't James at his fussiest!

I took some self-portraits of James and I laying on the floor. We had just finished a tummy time session and I was trying to keep him awake (during the day). It was fun :)

Today's plans: we're visiting Great Aunt Betty & Uncle Don in St. Paul.

Monday, November 20, 2006

I should be tired.

TWO WEEKS OLD TODAY! See Doctor update below.

James was up every hour after 1am. I tried everything- diaper change, feeding, rocking to sleep, changing his clothing, burping. He would seem fine and then pretend to sleep. I would get into bed and hope for 3 hours of peace but then he'd fuss and cry. I think he's trying to challenge my authority!

Today we have a doctor's appointment where I hope she'll tell us that he's gaining weight properly. He should be because he is a P.I.G.! We're going to ask about the short frenulum (tongue-tied) and hope that the procedure can be done fairly soon. I still think its affecting his breastfeeding and actually, his bottle feeding. He has a hard time with the bottle nipple and where it should be in his mouth.

See new pictures in both albums, Week Two and Week Three. Week Two is from last night's bath. He looked so cute after we combed and parted his hair. Just like Daddy! The Week Three picture is from right now (7am). He's finally sleeping! Of course after I've given up for the morning and made coffee.

Check back later for an update after the doctor.

Later: Dr. Kuku said James is PERFECT! He has gained lot of weight! He is now at 7 lbs 2 ozs, gaining 11 oz in a week! They would have been happy with a weight gain of 2 oz, putting him at his birth weight, but he went above and beyond that :) He is a great eater so I shouldn't have had any doubts that he's doing well.

The doctor disagreed with the lactation consultants that James is "tongue-tied". She said they are always quick to say this. She showed us that his tongue is not attached at the tip but right where it should be. I'm still going to bring it up again at his 2 month or 4 month appointment to see if there is any change.

What else? His dry, flaky skin is normal for a newborn.

And also the doctor said she's "old school" in her thinking that babies shouldn't be visiting other locations, like family and friends. She recommended that he NOT be passed around much from person to person and we should hold off on any trips. I guess this makes it hard with Thanksgiving coming up, but Jim and I have decided that we won't take James to the store or the mall for at least his first month.

The other big development is that the doctor has encouraged us to start James sleeping in his own big boy crib. Jim is actually out getting a monitor right now! He's a topsy turvy baby, confusing night and day. During the day he sleeps great, but at night... yikes. So we have to get him started in the crib, wake him up often in the day, and keep him up for longer periods during the day. This will probably tire him out for night sleeping.

I think that's all!

Upcoming: Tomorrow we're visiting Don & Betty (Jim's great aunt and uncle), and I have some friends coming to visit in the afternoon after work. I'm excited for them to see James! And on Wednesday Grandpa Frank and Grandma Julie are coming from California!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Super Dad

I wanted to publicly thank Daddy Jimmy for waking up with James last night. I got some much needed rest! I feel "normal"!

Oh, I should also add that Jim is becoming a pro with those poopy diapers!

So now I'm up before 7am and I have breakfast in the works, I went out into the freezing morning for the newspaper, and I'm about to start a wake-up with James. I want Jim to wake up and relax right away. He needs his energy for football all day! I'm sure James will join him.

We don't have any plans today except Grandpa Roger is coming over this afternoon/tonight.

More later when "things" start to happen!

There's a few new pictures in the "James-Week Two" Baby Album. I caught a few bonding moments between Jim and James :)

Later: Grandpa Roger did visit. It was cute seeing him hold James and to see how proud he is of him. Uncle Joe & Aunt Kathy also came to visit. Both were lucky enough to see James in a great mood :) See the pictures in the Baby Album, "James-Week Two".

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Bad Mommy!

I bragged a little too early (yesterday) about being able to get James into a deep sleep. Last night was not a good night! James is still a good baby, but it was very frustrating because he wouldn't sleep or settle down. I was up with him for two hours at 12:30am trying to get him to go back to sleep- wanting to sleep myself!

At 5am Jim got up with James, feeling sorry for me. I did end up getting out of bed too only because I had to attend to breastfeeding anyway. I think I ended up giving James too much milk at the earlier feeding because poor Jim had to deal with a very, very wet James. He had soaked through his clothing and receiving blanket. Poor Jim- James always screams when we change his clothing, especially if the clothing goes over his head.

Jim treated us to Caribou mochas this morning and I made breakfast. We're a great team :)

We're expecting a visit from Tia Ana this morning! I hope James is well behaved...

Friday, November 17, 2006

Sleep routines

I think I'm getting the hang of how to put James into a deep sleep. For a while it was hard to put him down and expect him to stay down. This made nighttime a little difficult for myself and Jim (who has invested in some earplugs- hey, they're recommended by my baby book to muffle the grunts and farts!)

Now I've learned that I should start to feed James first, then address the diaper (because it's inevitable that he poops during the feeding!), play or do something "active", get him ready for bed (mittens, hat, blanket), and then give him a few more sips of milk. He then starts to fall asleep in my arms.

I guess everyone knew I couldn't keep up the pace with the constant pictures and blog entries. I did slow down yesterday because I was hit with a brief period of exhaustion. I ended up taking a nap or two and felt better afterwards. I'll probably nap this afternoon too. The nighttime wake-ups haven't been bad. Last night I woke up with James from 1am-2am, 4:30am-5:30am, and then again at 7am. I don't know why he woke up at 7am again...

So there are three new pictures in the Baby Album, "James- Week Two". Just some pictures after we changed his outfit and had a massage with baby lotion.

I'm back at my starting weight! I've lost all 18 pounds now.

Maybe an update later?

Plans for today: Not too much! Jim and I did some cleaning around the house (Jim more than me), some laundry, a good lunch, and a really good nap later!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Darth Vader

Picture: I came downstairs yesterday to find Jim showing James how to play online poker! More pics in Baby Album.

Jim said that James sounded like Darth Vader last night. I was pretty worried because he was breathing so heavily, sometimes it seemed like he was gasping for air! I kept waking up and checking to make sure he was okay and he always was. When I would wake him for his feeding/diapering, he would always return to normal. I looked this up and I guess its normal but it seemed to have happened all of a sudden. Now during his daytime naps, he is fine. Hmmm.

Today I'm just resting and organizing myself. I'm waiting for James next feeding and then I'm going to run an errand at Target. James has been a little fussy this morning but its nothing that Daddy Jimmy can't handle!

More later if something exciting happens!
New: Some pics in Baby Album "James- Week Two" and video called "Hiccups".

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Laundry day

Picture: Added at 6pm- I came downstairs to find Jim teaching James how to play poker online! See other pictures in the Baby Album "James Week Two". It turns out that James helped Jim win $5...

Today is laundry day for all of the Tauers, of course James' laundry got first priority. Its amazing how many little outfits, burp cloths, receiving blankets, washcloths, diaper change pads, etc... that a baby goes through!

I guess its just a productive day. Jim put together the stroller, I cleaned up James' room, made a grocery list (Jim is out at the store right now), and now I'm just waiting for James' next round of diapering and feeding. He's been really well behaved since last night. No fussing. He even has let me swaddle his arms down for the last two naps- I think its letting him sleep more soundly. He doesn't scratch himself or jolt himself out of his nap.

I can't believe how handsome he is :) I see a lot of Jim in him. He just has my dark hair and nose, supposedly. He's still so tiny and its such fun to look at his cute little toes and belly!

Today's plans: Take a long shower, organize the kitchen a little (bottles everywhere), and give James a bath.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Tuesday News

Last night James was at his fussiest. We just couldn't figure out what was wrong! He always seems to be a little fussy at night, as if he knows we're going to turn off the lights. He was extra hungry last night so we did let him feed as much as he wanted. I guess he must have had an upset stomach because when I had my hand on his belly, I could feel the rumbling. After a bit of time consoling him, and hearing him scream and scream (totally breaks my heart!), I was able to rock him to sleep in my arms.
And then all was well! He slept soundly and didn't fuss even for that darn pacifier. (I hate it because he doesn't keep it in his mouth well and at night I have to keep getting up to replace it.)

This morning we had a little Tummy Time. Please see the video of this in "My Baby Videos". I really thought he would start crying again when we did this but he didn't. I've read that its really important to start doing this so that he can develop his neck muscles. You start with a minute at a time and then gradually increase the time. Today he tolerated it pretty well but didn't attempt to lift his head. Maybe next time!

I'm resting before we have our 2nd outing into the world. I have a Lactation Consultant appointment at 12:30. I'm kind of dreading it. I know that breastfeeding isn't working for me and I need the help, but I'm not prepared to deny James the extra formula that we're currently giving him. Or denying him ANY bottle (breastmilk or not). I've read (yeah, I read a lot) that you should just let your baby go hungry and eventually he'll work out the breastfeeding, if he's desperate enough. I can't do this, it seems cruel.

So I'm hoping the appointment goes well and she doesn't tell me to do anything I'm not willing to do. Check back later because I'm sure I'll update this in the afternoon with the results!

Oh the other big news is that I'm only up 3 pounds from my starting weight! I have lost about 15 pounds since having James! I did end up gaining a bit of weight towards the end, totaling 18 pounds. So I'm pleased that its naturally coming off. I'm sure I'll lose some other weight with the breastfeeding too.

More later!

LATER: We had our lactation consultant appointment at the hospital today where we were greeted by not just one consultant but THREE! All were older ladies, very talkative, and very hands on. Apparently two of them were being trained in some paperwork/computer procedures so they joined our appointment. The ladies were quite amusing- very passionate about what they do.

Well, to be short, they figured out that James has a short frenulum (tongue-tied) and this makes breastfeeding a little more difficult. We did successfully breastfeed and since I've been home, I've had some progress too. We're getting the hang of it!

So now I just have to adapt to the EVERY TWO HOURS schedule of breastfeeding (up to four hours at night). This is until he reaches his birth weight at least. After that I believe I can switch to every three hours during the day. So we'll see how it goes. Jim is a tremendous help! He's willing to help out in any way he can. Tomorrow I'm sending him grocery shopping. :)

Oh, and about the tongue tied issue... there is a simple procedure that the doctor can perform at the clinic. I guess its not something doctors look for at the usual check-ups, or its not something they're concerned with. The lactation consultants think otherwise. They told me that if the doctor didn't want to perform the procedure to make sure to get a referral to the Ears, Throat, and Mouth specialists.

I put a link to a related article in the "My Favorite Links" area of this babysite.

Cuckoo for Dr. Kuku

James is one week old today! The week has gone by fast...

We had our first doctor's appointment today to check on James' progress. He didn't fuss and didn't mind the car ride or the carseat. What a good baby :) Dr. Kuku has proclaimed James to be perfect (okay, these might be MY words)! She checked his heart, his weight, his ears, eyes, belly button, circumsicion, etc. Everything is all good! He is down 2 ozs from his original birth weight, but when we left the hospital he was down 4 ozs already (normal)- so really, he's gained 2 oz in the last couple of days. He should be at his birth weight or heavier by his second week appointment.

Dr. Kuku answered our many questions. We are feeding him well and often enough, and starting pretty soon I don't have to wake him up for feedings every 3-4 hours. He'll let ME know when he's hungry. This was the first time for Jim meeting Dr. Kuku and he has agreed with me that she seems really nice and loving. That was important to me. You can see that she truly likes babies/children when she was examining James. So yes, we are cuckoo for Dr. Kuku. (I believe she's from Jamaica.) There is a pictures of Dr. Kuku and James in the Baby Album, "First Doctor's appointment".

We are having a relaxing day at home today. I did James' laundry yesterday, the house is still clean from my Mom's hustle & bustle, we are eating one of our frozen meals tonight, and just enjoying James. I think its the first day with just the three of us.

James is still napping. He ate quickly when we got home and seemed exhausted.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

James' First Vikings Game and another "happening"

Yes, this is a huge milestone in our house. Jim has been anxiously awaiting this moment- someone to watch football with! Really, James just dressed for the game. He didn't really watch much because he needed a nap after all the excitement BUT think of the many hours of fun the Tauer men will have in the future!

The Men's Den may be off limits to me in the future. Uh oh.

Please see the Baby Album for more Vikings game pictures!

Grandma Rosie left today :( We'll be happy to see her at Thanksgiving though. We'll also be seeing my Dad and Julie! They are coming to visit from California during that week. I'm glad that with all these visitors, James has a Thanksgiving outfit all planned out :)

Definitely check back tomorrow (Monday) afternoon for another journal entry. James has his 1 week doctor's appointment at 10am and I'm sure we'll have an update!


Addition: I just wanted to add, especially for my Mom who jokingly laughed that it would happen soon enough, that James gave me my first pee shower during a diaper change. Luckily I was quick to put my hand down to stop the stream so nothing other than the clean diaper beneath him and his onesie had a few spots. I didn't get anything on ME!
Hope this wasn't TMI.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

First Bath

Okay, well, James really had his first bath at the hospital with the nurses but it was OUR first baby bath. We reviewed the instruction sheet (haha) that the baby class gave us and we organized our supplies first. My Mom took pictures and offered advice as we proceeded with this little experiment. Overall, I think we did well. James has that wonderful baby smell now. Baby powder and sweetness. Please see our pictures in the Baby Album.

I hope you don't think I'm going overboard with pictures and journal entries. I'm just so thankful that I have the time to update this often (James sleeps LOTS) and that I feel up to it. And as Grandma Laura said, all this new camera/computer technology makes it so easy to upload pictures and type out a journal entry for the world to celebrate James' arrival and day-to-day happenings. Yay!

More tomorrow probably!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Day Four

Just a quick update to let you know that there are some new pictures in the Baby Album (and we'll be adding as we take them!) and a short video clip in the Video Library. Be patient as the video clip loads, it might take a while.

We've had James home now for two nights. He is a perfect sleeper by day, and a little fussier at night but nothing too bad. Last night we turned out the lights at 11pm and James took a while to really stay asleep. He insisted on having a pacifier but then wouldn't keep it in his mouth. He'd cry each time it fell out, every half an hour until his next feeding at 2:30am. After that he slept well and without too much trouble. I think he had a hard time adjusting to the dark and quiet (he's usually sleeping by day with the tv on, people talking, etc.), or maybe it was the poopy diaper that I didn't notice until 2am! Its all a learning experience, or experiment, whichever way you look at it :)

James has an obsession with his hands. He refuses to be swaddled with his hands down. I leave his hands free but have to cover them with mittens/socks so that he doesn't scratch himself. I think James will be a thumb sucker because he does love to suck on his hands and/or have them by his face.

I'm still having some problems with breastfeeding. I've had some progress though and have to keep reminding myself its only been a few days. The other concern is that my ankles have swollen to about three times their normal size. The swelling has gone down a little and I've called my doctor/clinic. Their advice: elevating my feet, rest, lots of water, and no salt. I'm resting right now as my Mom is super-grandma, cleaning the house.

Grandma Laura is coming over for lunch and to see Baby James in action. I think by lunch time he'll be up from his nap and it will be play time and the whole routine of diapering and feeding. When Laura was here yesterday it was during his nap time and she didn't see him alert and bright-eyed. I hope James will be in a pleasant mood and active!

Really, James is a great baby. He rarely cries and if he does its because he has to communicate a need- like a wet diaper or he's hungry. Everyone has told me how lucky we are that he is non-fussy and quiet. Right now he's content and happily sleeping in his swing (thanks Uncle Joe & Aunt Kathy!)

Please check back often. I really enjoy updating this journal and adding pictures and will do so often.

Baby James says hi!

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

James has been born!

I was scheduled to be induced on Sunday night but when I went in they found out that I was a bit more dilated than they thought (only 3cm) but too much for the procedure they wanted to do (to ready me for the Pitocin induction). Rather than spend the night and wait for the induction on Monday morning, Jim and I chose to go home to sleep in our own bed. (They had warned us that if we stayed, they would still have to monitor my vital signs every 2-3 hours, waking us up often.)

We arrived at the hospital on Monday at 6am for the induction. They immediately started me on the Pitocin IV and I started my first contractions at approximately 7:15am. They were tolerable but felt like bad cramping for a long time. I chose to have a light medicine to "take the edge off" rather than the full epidural. I did choose the epidural later when I was at 6 1/2 cm dilation at about 2:45/3:00. I guess I progressed pretty fast because they were amazed that I had a high pain tolerance for that dilation. An hour later I was 8 cm, and then very soon after that the contractions were near unbearable. That's when they discovered he was very close to being born- the contractions I was feeling were actually James making his way down. Well, I pushed for about half an hour, total. It was an hour process though because we had to stop pushing and wait for the doctor- who hadn't arrived yet! It was very frustrating but everything turned out well.

James was born at 5:52, weighing 6 lbs 9 oz and 19 1/4 inches long. He cried immediately but doesn't cry often- just when he's hungry or his diaper is being changed. He's a very quiet, sweet baby. Right now he's sleeping 3-4 hours, waking up just enough to have a diaper change, a feeding attempt, a small bottle, and a few minutes to gaze at us with his beautiful, dark steel blue/gray eyes. (He has Jim's eyes- long eyelashes too! They may change to brown?)

The only challenge is breastfeeding but that's something that will work itself out, I hope.

We are very happy and content to spend this time with James. Jim is doing great as a new Dad. Its so sweet to hear Jim explaining things to James and telling him that he loves him. I caught a moment like this with the camera and its in the Baby Album. I think I'm doing well with James too. Right now it just seems like we're getting used to the routine and pattern of sleep, diaper, eat, repeat. It is a good time :)

Thank you for reading this!

Saturday, November 4, 2006


This is one of my most important journal entries and I can't believe I waited this long to post it! My Thursday doctor's appointment was postponed because the doctor was busy delivering another woman's baby. So I went in on Friday morning for my 39th week appointment.

I am just barely 1 cm dilated but 50% effaced (if that means anything to you!) but she scheduled my induction for Sunday night! I'm to call at 6pm to see if a bed is open, and then go to the hospital at 7pm. If all goes well, I should deliver James on Monday morning/afternoon. If it doesn't work, I may need to go home and wait. We're thinking positively that James will be as cooperative as he always is.

My Mom is driving from Iowa early on Monday morning to join us at the hospital. Jim's Mom will be with us too.

We are taking our laptop computer and our camera so that we can upload pictures right away to this babysite or so that we'll be able to email an announcement when possible.

Sunday update: Jim found James' horoscope in the Sunday paper. We found it pretty amusing!

"Scorpio: Stress is caused by resisting where you are because you want to be somewhere else. Therefore, stress can be eliminated by accepting where you are. You're not behind or ahead. You're in the perfect place for this time."

I hope this doesn't mean that James will resist coming out into the world because he's happy where he is!

Thursday, November 2, 2006

39 week Doctor appointment postponed!

I was so disappointed because the doctor wasn't there today- she was delivering a baby. So my doctor can't see me until tomorrow morning. I guess its soon enough but I'm anxious to get my questions answered!

When will she induce me?!