Saturday, November 4, 2006


This is one of my most important journal entries and I can't believe I waited this long to post it! My Thursday doctor's appointment was postponed because the doctor was busy delivering another woman's baby. So I went in on Friday morning for my 39th week appointment.

I am just barely 1 cm dilated but 50% effaced (if that means anything to you!) but she scheduled my induction for Sunday night! I'm to call at 6pm to see if a bed is open, and then go to the hospital at 7pm. If all goes well, I should deliver James on Monday morning/afternoon. If it doesn't work, I may need to go home and wait. We're thinking positively that James will be as cooperative as he always is.

My Mom is driving from Iowa early on Monday morning to join us at the hospital. Jim's Mom will be with us too.

We are taking our laptop computer and our camera so that we can upload pictures right away to this babysite or so that we'll be able to email an announcement when possible.

Sunday update: Jim found James' horoscope in the Sunday paper. We found it pretty amusing!

"Scorpio: Stress is caused by resisting where you are because you want to be somewhere else. Therefore, stress can be eliminated by accepting where you are. You're not behind or ahead. You're in the perfect place for this time."

I hope this doesn't mean that James will resist coming out into the world because he's happy where he is!

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