Friday, November 10, 2006

Day Four

Just a quick update to let you know that there are some new pictures in the Baby Album (and we'll be adding as we take them!) and a short video clip in the Video Library. Be patient as the video clip loads, it might take a while.

We've had James home now for two nights. He is a perfect sleeper by day, and a little fussier at night but nothing too bad. Last night we turned out the lights at 11pm and James took a while to really stay asleep. He insisted on having a pacifier but then wouldn't keep it in his mouth. He'd cry each time it fell out, every half an hour until his next feeding at 2:30am. After that he slept well and without too much trouble. I think he had a hard time adjusting to the dark and quiet (he's usually sleeping by day with the tv on, people talking, etc.), or maybe it was the poopy diaper that I didn't notice until 2am! Its all a learning experience, or experiment, whichever way you look at it :)

James has an obsession with his hands. He refuses to be swaddled with his hands down. I leave his hands free but have to cover them with mittens/socks so that he doesn't scratch himself. I think James will be a thumb sucker because he does love to suck on his hands and/or have them by his face.

I'm still having some problems with breastfeeding. I've had some progress though and have to keep reminding myself its only been a few days. The other concern is that my ankles have swollen to about three times their normal size. The swelling has gone down a little and I've called my doctor/clinic. Their advice: elevating my feet, rest, lots of water, and no salt. I'm resting right now as my Mom is super-grandma, cleaning the house.

Grandma Laura is coming over for lunch and to see Baby James in action. I think by lunch time he'll be up from his nap and it will be play time and the whole routine of diapering and feeding. When Laura was here yesterday it was during his nap time and she didn't see him alert and bright-eyed. I hope James will be in a pleasant mood and active!

Really, James is a great baby. He rarely cries and if he does its because he has to communicate a need- like a wet diaper or he's hungry. Everyone has told me how lucky we are that he is non-fussy and quiet. Right now he's content and happily sleeping in his swing (thanks Uncle Joe & Aunt Kathy!)

Please check back often. I really enjoy updating this journal and adding pictures and will do so often.

Baby James says hi!

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