Monday, November 13, 2006

Cuckoo for Dr. Kuku

James is one week old today! The week has gone by fast...

We had our first doctor's appointment today to check on James' progress. He didn't fuss and didn't mind the car ride or the carseat. What a good baby :) Dr. Kuku has proclaimed James to be perfect (okay, these might be MY words)! She checked his heart, his weight, his ears, eyes, belly button, circumsicion, etc. Everything is all good! He is down 2 ozs from his original birth weight, but when we left the hospital he was down 4 ozs already (normal)- so really, he's gained 2 oz in the last couple of days. He should be at his birth weight or heavier by his second week appointment.

Dr. Kuku answered our many questions. We are feeding him well and often enough, and starting pretty soon I don't have to wake him up for feedings every 3-4 hours. He'll let ME know when he's hungry. This was the first time for Jim meeting Dr. Kuku and he has agreed with me that she seems really nice and loving. That was important to me. You can see that she truly likes babies/children when she was examining James. So yes, we are cuckoo for Dr. Kuku. (I believe she's from Jamaica.) There is a pictures of Dr. Kuku and James in the Baby Album, "First Doctor's appointment".

We are having a relaxing day at home today. I did James' laundry yesterday, the house is still clean from my Mom's hustle & bustle, we are eating one of our frozen meals tonight, and just enjoying James. I think its the first day with just the three of us.

James is still napping. He ate quickly when we got home and seemed exhausted.

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