Sunday, November 26, 2006

Lazy Sunday

Isn't every Sunday supposed to be restful?

I'm especially tired today despite a pretty good night's sleep. The timing of James' feedings put us at 9pm, 12pm, 4:30am and 7:45am. Jim took the 4:30am feeding, meaning we each only had to get up once during the night.

We're having a constant struggle with the pacifier. I hate that thing! He cries for the darn thing- comfort sucking, I know. There's no good reason NOT to give him the pacifier but I'm selfish in thinking that it disrupts MY sleep. If it falls out of his mouth (which it does very often) I will have to get out of bed, go down the hallway to his nursery, and replace it in his mouth. Doing this several times an hour will be tiring and frustrating. He doesn't seem to fall into a deep sleep with the pacifier in his mouth either. Last night I was able to distract him with a tight swaddle instead of the pacifier. He actually slept for a record 4 1/2 hours from 12pm to 4:30am!

Yesterday: My Mom & Larry babysat James while we went Christmas tree shopping. They left soon after that. Later that day my sister Ana, Rich, my Dad & Julie came over with the makings for dinner! We're so lucky to have people bringing us food :) Really, everyone has been so helpful and considerate of our new parenthood :) Thanks familia!

Hopefully we'll be giving James a bath tonight. Jim is going grocery shopping after dinner. He starts back at work tomorrow- I know he's not too excited about that. We'll see how it goes with Jim working and just me taking care of James. Of course Jim will be able to help out during the work day, but we'll have to see what our new routine will be.

Thanks for reading this!
New pictures in Baby Album "James-Week Three" and "Mom & James". Week four begins tomorrow! James will be a full THREE WEEKS OLD!

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