Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Up at the crack

James had his last feeding at 6am and it was my turn to get up with him. I gladly got up, feeling it was time to start the day anyway. Its amazing how non-lazy I feel now that I have James- before I would sleep til noon if I could!

We did have another peaceful night of sleep, James in the nursery with us listening to the monitor in our bedroom. So far, so good. While I had hoped he would sleep for longer during the nighttime, he is getting up every three hours for food and diaper changes. I guess this might change as he gets older, maybe he'll go for a 6 hour stretch? Cross your fingers.

We had a nice visit with Great Great Uncle Don & Aunt Betty in St. Paul. It was James' first trip to the "big city", as Jim said. On our way home we stopped at Cinnabon for Daddy Jimmy. He will be very happy this morning to have his breakfast :)

Today's plans include having my Dad and Julie over for a visit! I hope they are as excited to see James as I am. I already dressed him in a cute outfit for today.

Well I'm off to make sure our house is presentable to guests. It really is, Jim has been great with cleaning and staying busy!

No new pictures added this morning but there were a couple yesterday, see Baby Album "James-Week Three" and "Mom & James".

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