Saturday, November 25, 2006


My family came to visit yesterday- it was a day full of poker, food, knitting (Tia Ana was giving lessons), and James. James was the star! Every three hours he would wake up and he had several grandparents willing to fuss over him. Grandma Rosie couldn't keep her hands off of him! I think because of all the daytime activity, James slept fairly well last night. He even slept for 4.5 hours between feedings! Jim was lucky that this was during his shift :) He was able to wake up at 6am instead of 4:30am!

Here to visit yesterday: Tia Ana & Crazy Uncle Rich, Grandma Rosie & Grandpa Larry, Grandpa Frank & Grandma Julie, Grandma Laura.

There are a couple of new pictures in the Baby Album "James-Week Three". They are just random pictures of James sleeping, Grandma Rosie and James, and the beloved Sock Monkey! Grandma Julie made this monkey for James but I think several people have their eye on it. I will have to safeguard it for James :)

I still have to figure out the video clip thing from the new camcorder.

Plans today: No idea! Jim wants to go get a Christmas tree, leaving Grandma Rosie to babysit for an hour or so. I'm sure she'll be willing to do this.

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