Sunday, November 12, 2006

James' First Vikings Game and another "happening"

Yes, this is a huge milestone in our house. Jim has been anxiously awaiting this moment- someone to watch football with! Really, James just dressed for the game. He didn't really watch much because he needed a nap after all the excitement BUT think of the many hours of fun the Tauer men will have in the future!

The Men's Den may be off limits to me in the future. Uh oh.

Please see the Baby Album for more Vikings game pictures!

Grandma Rosie left today :( We'll be happy to see her at Thanksgiving though. We'll also be seeing my Dad and Julie! They are coming to visit from California during that week. I'm glad that with all these visitors, James has a Thanksgiving outfit all planned out :)

Definitely check back tomorrow (Monday) afternoon for another journal entry. James has his 1 week doctor's appointment at 10am and I'm sure we'll have an update!


Addition: I just wanted to add, especially for my Mom who jokingly laughed that it would happen soon enough, that James gave me my first pee shower during a diaper change. Luckily I was quick to put my hand down to stop the stream so nothing other than the clean diaper beneath him and his onesie had a few spots. I didn't get anything on ME!
Hope this wasn't TMI.

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