Monday, November 20, 2006

I should be tired.

TWO WEEKS OLD TODAY! See Doctor update below.

James was up every hour after 1am. I tried everything- diaper change, feeding, rocking to sleep, changing his clothing, burping. He would seem fine and then pretend to sleep. I would get into bed and hope for 3 hours of peace but then he'd fuss and cry. I think he's trying to challenge my authority!

Today we have a doctor's appointment where I hope she'll tell us that he's gaining weight properly. He should be because he is a P.I.G.! We're going to ask about the short frenulum (tongue-tied) and hope that the procedure can be done fairly soon. I still think its affecting his breastfeeding and actually, his bottle feeding. He has a hard time with the bottle nipple and where it should be in his mouth.

See new pictures in both albums, Week Two and Week Three. Week Two is from last night's bath. He looked so cute after we combed and parted his hair. Just like Daddy! The Week Three picture is from right now (7am). He's finally sleeping! Of course after I've given up for the morning and made coffee.

Check back later for an update after the doctor.

Later: Dr. Kuku said James is PERFECT! He has gained lot of weight! He is now at 7 lbs 2 ozs, gaining 11 oz in a week! They would have been happy with a weight gain of 2 oz, putting him at his birth weight, but he went above and beyond that :) He is a great eater so I shouldn't have had any doubts that he's doing well.

The doctor disagreed with the lactation consultants that James is "tongue-tied". She said they are always quick to say this. She showed us that his tongue is not attached at the tip but right where it should be. I'm still going to bring it up again at his 2 month or 4 month appointment to see if there is any change.

What else? His dry, flaky skin is normal for a newborn.

And also the doctor said she's "old school" in her thinking that babies shouldn't be visiting other locations, like family and friends. She recommended that he NOT be passed around much from person to person and we should hold off on any trips. I guess this makes it hard with Thanksgiving coming up, but Jim and I have decided that we won't take James to the store or the mall for at least his first month.

The other big development is that the doctor has encouraged us to start James sleeping in his own big boy crib. Jim is actually out getting a monitor right now! He's a topsy turvy baby, confusing night and day. During the day he sleeps great, but at night... yikes. So we have to get him started in the crib, wake him up often in the day, and keep him up for longer periods during the day. This will probably tire him out for night sleeping.

I think that's all!

Upcoming: Tomorrow we're visiting Don & Betty (Jim's great aunt and uncle), and I have some friends coming to visit in the afternoon after work. I'm excited for them to see James! And on Wednesday Grandpa Frank and Grandma Julie are coming from California!

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