Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sleepy Tuesday

I think the last couple of weeks are catching up with me. I also think that Baby James is aware of my frustration because he seems to be cooperating more with Jim :( Jim has had to feed him twice today because I've needed a break or needed to go upstairs, and James has fed well and then promptly went to sleep. I can't get James to sleep when he's with me! He's been fussy, making noises for his pacifier or whatever.

I tried to follow the advice of sleep when the baby is sleeping BUT when I tried that this morning, James wouldn't sleep for more than three minutes and his pacifier would fall out. I was napping with the bassinet right by my head so I could easily reach him. It was very frustrating.

I'm sure my family is reading this and wondering how I could be so frustrated when James is such a good baby! He IS a good baby. He seems to do very well with visitors and constant activity. When its been just Jim and myself, he's a bit different. He's not as sound of a sleeper, he cries a bit more, etc. It probably doesn't seem like a lot of work when a baby seems to sleep for 3 hours at a time, but there's always something to be done!

With all this said, we love James very much. I know that these first few months are going to be rough. I can't wait for the "fun" months when he's smiling, his personality is shining through, and he's actually able to play with us.

There's really not too much James news today. Its been the same as every day. He's very beautiful and behaving like a normal baby :)

I think I added some new pictures yesterday? The homepage picture is from the other day when James and I napped side by side. I should try this again today :)

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