Sunday, February 27, 2011

What's James doing NOW?

We're getting our secret project ready for Daddy. He's doing the dishes and coming up soon!

James' Lunch

Another flavor combination from Master James. For lunch he was very excited with his idea. He had a dream of a peanut butter and orange sandwich! Who am I to deny him that dream?

He actually ate it. Well, a fourth of it. It was a big sandwich. He also had a pineapple cup and milk.
What a great cook!

A Great Saturday

I love a relaxed morning. I also love a happy, cheerful boy who offers to help make breakfast. James had this idea that he wanted banana and chocolate chip pancake balls. I happen to love that combination so we set to work.

It's too bad James didn't like them :( He prefers the regular chocolate chip pancake balls, so I made him those instead.

We got ready for the day because we had decided to go to the movies!! We saw Tangled, one of the newest Disney movies. I actually loved it. It was a great story, with a great Princess character who didn't wait to be saved by the man. Yay!

We just HAD TO have popcorn, you know.

And then a couple of video games. James picked his Daddy's absolute FAVORITE arcade game. They worked as a team to play Galaga.

Back home for an attempt at naptime (not going so well lately), and I found James with a new outfit on. He didn't have an accident but he changed his pants and put his shirt back on backwards on purpose. I didn't mind. I was glad he didn't have an accident! One naptime last week he had an accident and changed himself, but neglected to put on another pair of underwear. Ooops.

Rough and tumble play with Daddy. They play together like I just can't :)

James has been practicing his name. He was drawing a bunch of pictures for me (love them! I will take pictures later) and later I found his signature on one piece of paper. It was a small piece of paper and I think he ran out of room for the last letter. Nice though, huh?

Finger painting later on that night. Messy.


Look Daddy!

Fun times :)


This is one of my favorite art pieces from James. I know he probably had some assistance cutting out the pieces, but its HIS and I love it.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


This is probably one of my most favorite family moments. I can look at this over and over again and I STILL crack up!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mommy & James

I don't save the fun for Tuesdays but when I'm alone with James, it seems like there's a concentrated effort to do something with him. Something out of the ordinary sometimes. Or just really enjoying those small moments.

Bathtime has been a struggle. We had a good bath on Monday night and so when he begged for a bath on Tuesday (his off night), I couldn't refuse. I want him to have a good time in the bath and not SOB when it comes again.

First, we had some fun brushing his teeth and taking pictures of him in the mirror.

He's just a fun boy.
The bath was fun too :)

Valentine's Day

James is a lucky boy. For Valentine's Day he received TWO Batman related gifts and he was THRILLED. First he got a Batmobile from Grandma Rose. It's the coolest thing. James loves to rev it up and let it scoot across the ground. It will be hours of fun :)

And then Grandma Laura dropped off a present. It was something that James didn't even know about but he's gladly accepted it into his collection. He wanted the Joker but didn't know there was a whole "castle" that came with it! Whoa. Another fun toy.

The supercool Batmobile made a stop at the Joker castle. James still doesn't know the Joker is a villain. I'm reluctant to tell him about bad guys and evil. I think that can wait!

Flowers from Jim.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Better Day

Yesterday was a tough one. Today, even without a nap, James was in a better mood. We kept him up because we knew Grandpa Frank and Uncle Rich (and everyone else) would arrive smack dab in the middle of naptime, so what the heck, keep the kid up.

He was fine. He played well all day while I cooked and got the house ready for our guests. He asked for a piece of chalk to write on his grocery cart. We were pleasantly surprised to see that he attempted to write his name. I think he did well, especially since he usually practices with an example in front of him.

I didn't get any pictures of the family gathering but I did catch James with his red velvet whoopie pie. He has been talking all week about Grandpa Frank's birthday party and the cupcakes we should have. I told James the whoopie pies were cupcakes with the frosting inside, sorta true!

Towards the end I tried getting James to pose with his Grandpa Frank but he was a little crabby. I guess the no nap thing started to kick in. I did get that great picture of James with his Grandpa on the first day, that was a good picture because it wasn't posed but just natural.

James did give everyone hugs and then started a playful sparring with Uncle Rich when he thought he was taking the chocolate suckers. SUCKA!

Goodbye Grandpa! We'll see you soon!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lego Castles

We had this great idea to visit the Children's Museum today because the Lego Castle exhibit is finally open! James was pretty enthusiastic about the idea and had his thoughts of what it should be.

James was excited but also kind of hesitant. You can see him still clutching his Blankie.

James' idea of what this exhibit should be was building castles out of Legos. He ignored all the other parts of the exhibit, which was too bad because I *think* there were some cool parts. He was also disappointed that the lego area didn't have "guys". No knights or men. Oh well.

There was a meltdown at the museum and I ended up sitting on a bench with him for a while. He calmed down enough that he went to the next exhibit with his Daddy, but then was fussy again. Whaaaaaat?!

So we left earlier than we thought. Better luck next time I guess.

Our little Jekyll/Hyde was all better in the parking garage.

On Friday I surprised my wonderful husband with an overnight babysitter, so we had a whole night to ourselves for a dinner date. It was quite luxurious to eat slowly and speak to each other without interruption. We love our little guy but he sure does talk a lot lately :)

I speak of this because I think the day after a babysitter our little James is upset with us. I'm starting to think there is a pattern of increased tantrums after he's spent some time away from us. I need to think on this.
There were several time-outs today and a TV restriction (a consequence) imposed. Tough love, baby.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Frozen North

"Mommy, I've never been to the frozen north. It's too cold."

James is referring to the frozen north from one of his shows Oswald. Henry the Penguin is from the frozen north. I guess James doesn't know we truly are in the frozen north!

It was 3 degrees today, with a wind chill of -11. I know this, I looked. A student asked me to look it up because he wanted to make a case to his gym teacher that it was too cold to go outside for snowshoeing. Whoa.

Another funny thing is that we went to Target today after I picked James up from daycare. Target is the home of the "Free Cookie". We were waiting for James' free cookie when he spied the cakes and treats in the bakery case. He got really excited and said, "MOM! It's a red belbet cake!!!" The lady next to us laughed and said, "Wow, that's impressive that he knows that."

He impressed the daycare teachers the other day with his "delectable cupcake" comment. And now he knows what a red velvet cake is! Grandma Laura gave him a Fancy Nancy and the Delectable Cupcakes book. I think he just really likes the book because of the cupcake talk. But it's teaching him some great vocabulary :)

What's James Doing NOW?

He's insisting on pooping "all by myself"! I don't dare interrupt and take a picture for this post.

He just came out of the bathroom. He helped himself to a chocolate sucker. Good boy!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Grandpa Frank

Grandpa Frank is visiting. He'll be ice fishing later in the week but we got to see him today. Yay! James warmed right up to him and offered to show Grandpa his new game. It was very appropriate that it is a fishing game!

We headed over to Tia ChaCha's for dinner. James told me at the end of the night, "I had a great night time, Mommy!"

Sunday, February 6, 2011

What's James Doing NOW?

Watching his current favorite show before dinner, SpongeBob Squarepants. More on that later...

Do you see him cracking up?!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow Fun

Finally! Good health in our household, a nice weather weekend (above freezing), and no other plans. So Jim found a nice outing for us- the Winter Carnival's snow sculpture showing. The contest was over and we saw some nice sculptures. James didn't show much interest because he saw the snow castle in the distance. We made our way over to the castle but first Jim posed next to this ginormous dinosaur. Very cool.

The snow castle.

The snow castle ended up being a very cool snow maze! James loved running through the maze.

My boys!

It was pretty funny when James found the castle's fake door. I told him to go over and open the door. He was pretty confused! An older couple was walking by when James started to explain to me that the door wouldn't open because it was locked. The couple just laughed.

James' biggest thrill was in the distance. There were piles of snow, obviously plowed to the side to make the space clear for the sculpture park. James wanted to climb! Play! Okay :)

He scared me that he was going up so high. I wasn't wearing snow pants like him but I did have on my boots, so I helped him climb up and soon enough he was confident enough to do it on his own. He also made his own "slide" and slid down several times.

It was a great morning!

What's James Doing NOW?

Yogurt stick snack after naptime.