Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Great Saturday

I love a relaxed morning. I also love a happy, cheerful boy who offers to help make breakfast. James had this idea that he wanted banana and chocolate chip pancake balls. I happen to love that combination so we set to work.

It's too bad James didn't like them :( He prefers the regular chocolate chip pancake balls, so I made him those instead.

We got ready for the day because we had decided to go to the movies!! We saw Tangled, one of the newest Disney movies. I actually loved it. It was a great story, with a great Princess character who didn't wait to be saved by the man. Yay!

We just HAD TO have popcorn, you know.

And then a couple of video games. James picked his Daddy's absolute FAVORITE arcade game. They worked as a team to play Galaga.

Back home for an attempt at naptime (not going so well lately), and I found James with a new outfit on. He didn't have an accident but he changed his pants and put his shirt back on backwards on purpose. I didn't mind. I was glad he didn't have an accident! One naptime last week he had an accident and changed himself, but neglected to put on another pair of underwear. Ooops.

Rough and tumble play with Daddy. They play together like I just can't :)

James has been practicing his name. He was drawing a bunch of pictures for me (love them! I will take pictures later) and later I found his signature on one piece of paper. It was a small piece of paper and I think he ran out of room for the last letter. Nice though, huh?

Finger painting later on that night. Messy.


Look Daddy!

Fun times :)

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