Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow Fun

Finally! Good health in our household, a nice weather weekend (above freezing), and no other plans. So Jim found a nice outing for us- the Winter Carnival's snow sculpture showing. The contest was over and we saw some nice sculptures. James didn't show much interest because he saw the snow castle in the distance. We made our way over to the castle but first Jim posed next to this ginormous dinosaur. Very cool.

The snow castle.

The snow castle ended up being a very cool snow maze! James loved running through the maze.

My boys!

It was pretty funny when James found the castle's fake door. I told him to go over and open the door. He was pretty confused! An older couple was walking by when James started to explain to me that the door wouldn't open because it was locked. The couple just laughed.

James' biggest thrill was in the distance. There were piles of snow, obviously plowed to the side to make the space clear for the sculpture park. James wanted to climb! Play! Okay :)

He scared me that he was going up so high. I wasn't wearing snow pants like him but I did have on my boots, so I helped him climb up and soon enough he was confident enough to do it on his own. He also made his own "slide" and slid down several times.

It was a great morning!

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