Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lego Castles

We had this great idea to visit the Children's Museum today because the Lego Castle exhibit is finally open! James was pretty enthusiastic about the idea and had his thoughts of what it should be.

James was excited but also kind of hesitant. You can see him still clutching his Blankie.

James' idea of what this exhibit should be was building castles out of Legos. He ignored all the other parts of the exhibit, which was too bad because I *think* there were some cool parts. He was also disappointed that the lego area didn't have "guys". No knights or men. Oh well.

There was a meltdown at the museum and I ended up sitting on a bench with him for a while. He calmed down enough that he went to the next exhibit with his Daddy, but then was fussy again. Whaaaaaat?!

So we left earlier than we thought. Better luck next time I guess.

Our little Jekyll/Hyde was all better in the parking garage.

On Friday I surprised my wonderful husband with an overnight babysitter, so we had a whole night to ourselves for a dinner date. It was quite luxurious to eat slowly and speak to each other without interruption. We love our little guy but he sure does talk a lot lately :)

I speak of this because I think the day after a babysitter our little James is upset with us. I'm starting to think there is a pattern of increased tantrums after he's spent some time away from us. I need to think on this.
There were several time-outs today and a TV restriction (a consequence) imposed. Tough love, baby.

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