Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Friday, March 14, 2014


I wondered if James looks like me. I did a side by side of my kindergarten picture to his first grade picture. (His kindergarten picture was toothy, so this was a better comparison.)

He does look like me. He IS mine!


Kitchen skills

I've been asleep on the job when it comes to teaching James any kind of cooking skills.

Why not chop his own fruit? And with a butter knife? Ha!


More snow

Before Jim left for his weekend he did use the snow blower to dig us out after the last snow dump. I took this picture because it was a beautiful crisp day.


Moments later a snow plow came by and dumped a heap of snow at the end of our driveway! Grrrrrrrr. I told the acting man of the house that we need to go outside and take care of business.

James helped to shovel.




We cleared it up as much as we could. So grateful for my little man!


Play date

We had Dane over for a play date that snowy, slippery weekend. Good thing he just lives down the street!

The boys enjoyed some Minecraft action. Of course!


The rest of the time they bickered. It was exhausting and unexpected. I think winter is wearing everyone down!


Swimming update- late February

Jim usually takes James to swim lessons. They have a Saturday tradition, which usually involves a bagel run.

Jim was out of town so I was trusted with this honor. (Jimmy actually sent me a reminder, like I'd oversleep and miss it. Likely :)

When I don't see the swimming for a while it is shocking to his progress. He's not really needing the flotation thingies, but he doesn't quite have the stamina to swim entirely on his own for long lengths. That will come!







And two vidos.





Don't miss this!

I caught James in a rare moment of playing with TOYS!


No more toys for this boy, please. They are wasted at this time of his life. He likes his things but he seems to collect them and they are piling up. It is very sad.



So much snow. On this day we had a huge dumping of snow and it was hard for my dear husband to keep up.



James is a lucky boy to have all the fresh fruit he can eat. It is a normal day when he begs for seconds of strawberries and blackberries.

I take advantage of my Costco membership. Best fruit in town! This was from one of my trips there- not very typical. The carts next to me are always filled with bottled water, huge boxes of sugary treats, processed food. I try not to be food snobby, but I am grateful that we choose a different way. We eat processed treats sometimes but definitely not in Costco quantities!



James is always my Valentine. He picked out this chocolate for me. He knew I'd love it!


He also received gifts and cards from his Grandmas.

Grandma Rose was sent a thank you card in Spanish.


Grandma Laura received hers in English. I didn't help him with the spelling this time (to his frustration) but I think he did well.


Teacher conferences

Teacher conferences in February were great! His teachers said great things. James is right on target or at his year-end targets in all of his subjects. He tells us that math,science, and gym are his favorite subjects.

The only thing he needs to work on his his handwriting. I'm not too worried. I think that's a normal boy thing. And also, who really hand writes anything now? JK.

James is standing next to his self portrait. He loves orange! Not sure about the dog..


So we spoke to his classes teacher, Señora Sierra but we also spoke to Señor Vogel, his phy ed teacher. James comes home with the most enthusiastic reports of gym class so we had to meet this man. Who knew MY child would love gym class?!

Señor Vogel had glowing reports. He said James is always willing to "jump feet first" into any activity. He is a true pleasure to have in class.

Proud parents!



It feels like Minecraft has been in our lives for the longest time. He talks about it. He plays it. He watches YouTube videos about it. He now wears Minecraft tshirts.

Here he just created a McDonalds in his world. He's very proud.


Bestie Birthday

In early February James went to Dane's birthday party at our local Brunswick bowling alley. I knew he'd be supervised but I was still anxious about just dropping him off. He's not a kid that has ever wandered, so I don't know what my deal is!

Of course I found him (at the end of two hours) happily playing on arcade games.