Friday, March 14, 2014

Teacher conferences

Teacher conferences in February were great! His teachers said great things. James is right on target or at his year-end targets in all of his subjects. He tells us that math,science, and gym are his favorite subjects.

The only thing he needs to work on his his handwriting. I'm not too worried. I think that's a normal boy thing. And also, who really hand writes anything now? JK.

James is standing next to his self portrait. He loves orange! Not sure about the dog..


So we spoke to his classes teacher, Señora Sierra but we also spoke to Señor Vogel, his phy ed teacher. James comes home with the most enthusiastic reports of gym class so we had to meet this man. Who knew MY child would love gym class?!

Señor Vogel had glowing reports. He said James is always willing to "jump feet first" into any activity. He is a true pleasure to have in class.

Proud parents!


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