Saturday, December 20, 2014

Santa Parade 2014

The Blaine fire department drives by with fully decorated fire trucks and Santa (!!!) every year. Often Jim misses it because he's at pool. This year he missed it because he was out of town. Sad face.

We joined up with some neighbor friends and decided to watch together. We waited a long, long time. The kids played together outside. The adults took turns huddling inside to keep warm. Santa ended up being about an hour late.

By that time the kids were crabby and there was a wrestling incident that made several kids crabby.

James never snapped out of it, even when Santa finally rolled around.



The firemen took our nonperishables for the local food shelf.




When we made it home I quickly snuck upstairs and arranged Sneaky like this for James to find on his way to bed.



James did see it and he hung his head down in sadness. I didn't mean to make him sad but he did end up missing out on the Santa joy because he couldn't let go of a friend conflict.

Well, we saw Santa!


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