Saturday, December 20, 2014

Pizza Ranch

My school organized a night to volunteer at the Andover Pizza Ranch. There was a crew of about 12 of us that bussed tables, ran out special order pizzas, and then finally cleaned the entire place after our shift. It was a pretty fast paced almost-five hours. Oh and so we volunteered to keep the tips and then to receive 10% of the sales for the night. The money went to our school food shelf, that I help run.

Our families were invited to come and enjoy the food, but also to beef up our sales!

The Tauer boys ate with the Mesna boys.


There's Mrs. Mesna serving up some pizza.


Another CRMS family, my friend Ryan with his cute kids.


The boys kept themselves busy after they ate. What fun to hang out with Noah again!



After the guests left we were left to help with the cleanup. Omg. So much to clean. My friend Simone was pretty handy with the Ghostbusters backpack vaccum.


My usually grumpy Assistant Principal Mr. Dahl was pretty cooperative, knowing it was all for the kids. All bark, no bite!


This is the crew of us that made it for the entire shift. Some of the others had to get home to families, etc.


I've already deposited that money in my food shelf account and it will be spent and appreciated!

Next time we'll invite even more people to the event- even you!


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