Saturday, October 4, 2008


We went to our favorite breakfast spot this morning and then headed over to Stillwater to pick up Grandpa Roger. We stopped at the farmers market there because Grandpa knew that James loves his strawberries. I also bought some great smelling natural soap for myself and a gentle oatmeal bar for James. I love farmers markets!

James in the car:
After that we headed to the Afton apple orchard. What fun! There was a playground, chain saw carving, a petting zoo, hale bales to play on, apple cider pressing (with samples of course!), and a hay ride. I think James enjoyed it all! See our pictures below.

James needed constant nose wipes. Poor kid!
Grandpa Roger joined James at the playground.James really enjoyed climbing and playing on the hale bales with all the kids. He reaches down to give Dada a kiss. Sweet :)
Grandpa Roger gets a wet kiss too.
James and Mama look at the goats and llama.
James tries a big boy swing! He liked it even though I had to keep scooting his bottom back on the swing.
James sat amazingly still on the hay ride. Here's a pumpkin patch that looked interesting.
The Tauer men on the hay ride.
So we had a great day! James didn't nap until the car ride from Afton to Stillwater. We woke him up to eat lunch. James woke up crabby. He wouldn't sit in the highchair, wasn't satisfied with any of the food I brought, and wasn't happy to walk around the restaurant. We ended up changing our order to take-out and eating at Grandpa Roger's house. I was a little embarrassed that James wasn't well-behaved but its to be expected at this age, I figure. I'd rather leave than ruin the dining experience of others, us included! James did well enough at Grandpa's house but didn't eat much. He napped just a tiny bit on the way home. What a great day though!

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