Thursday, October 2, 2008

OMama & Happy Anniversary to us!

We went out to dinner last night because Jim craved a hamburger :) After that we headed back to Northtown mall because Jim needed a Hawaiian style shirt for his work party on Friday. James and I played at Eggs & Bacon again. Another little boy was there again and James watched him curiously. The boy's mom told me that he was 2 years old plus 3 months. Wow, that kid has some rough and tumble huge energy! James plays much more calmly and quietly. I'm glad because that mom looked exhausted!

James did add a word to his vocabulary: jump! I watched him stand on top of a play structure and wind up like he was going to JUMP! He pumped his little arms and then would just step down. But he learned to say "jump!" while doing it.

Another word we're working on: Obama! James says it in response to my question Who is going to win? He says, "OMama!" So apparently I'm on the election ticket too. Me and Obama. I know one of my dear friends and then Uncle Joe will not be happy with the OMama love, but we respect everyone's opinions at the Tauer house. It really is cute though!

We are sorry that Grandma Rosie and Grandpa Larry canceled their trip to see us this week. Maybe sometime soon!

This weekend we're headed to Stillwater to see Grandpa Roger and also visit the apple orchard. We're looking forward to it!

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