Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

James brought home some more wonderful art. The whole month has been spent talking about, reading books about, and practicing for Halloween! Spooky houses, pumpkins, ghosts, MONSTERS, witches, trick or treating, ringing doorbells, etc. He was ready for the Big Day.

The night before Halloween Jim carved some great pumpkins. James was thrilled because he recognized each character.



Blue's Clues!

We found this Mailman costume on We liked it because it was a costume that didn't seem like a costume- it is a pair of pants, a button down, a floppy hat, and a mail sack. We didn't have any problems getting James into the costume, but we did have to layer shirts, a pair of pants, and a sweater under the costume because of the cold.

He is so cute!

See the mail sack? I put some envelopes inside with a message- "Happy Halloween! from James" and he delivered these to the neighbors after he received his candy.

Here's the first house we went to. James was very excited to knock on the door.

One of our neighbors (didn't recognize him) was Elvis. I was sneaky and snapped this picture without him noticing. We ran into him often up and down the neighborhood, and he was always in character!

James loved trick or treating! After each house he would say, "Let's go to anotha house." He would literally run up the driveways to the steps, knock on the door, and say "Trick or treat!"

We probably went to 10-12 houses! It was a little cold and James needed to knock on his Grandma's door still :)

Back at our house, we had decorated a little. A huge spider attacked our front porch!

Jim and James headed to Grandma Laura's for a quick treat or treat, while I stayed at home to receive the rest of the kids. I probably had 10-12 more kids after the boys left. It was a busy neighborhood!

Uncle Joe and Shannon with James.

The next day Jim found that the Blue's Clues pumpkin was eaten by an animal! Guess it was hungry.

I found some quiet time on Sunday to bake Fall Harvest bread- a quick bread with pumpkin, apples, spices, and fresh cranberries. Yum.

Someone's birthday is coming up!!!!!!!!

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