Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Baby Love

What a sweet little boy tonight! He was so good! Jim had pool tonight (Tuesdays) so James and I ate a simple dinner of breakfast- eggs, toast, and applesauce. He ate heartily and I was glad. Its been so hard to watch him eat very little that we put in front of him, since we've been determined not to make him side meals.

Toast with apple butter... mmmmm.....

We played for a long time in his room- playdoh, Legos, and reading books. So fun!

Can you see the tiny little "spot" on his forehead? Just like Mama and Dada!

Pretending to take a bath.

One little monkey jumping on the bed...

Getting ready for bed...
James is suddenly taking his medicine really well! He will sit calmly on our lap and "swallow" so he "not get sick". Too bad we're almost done with the 10 day dose!

And then we went to the potty. James peed! I never actually see it but I saw the evidence on the potty seat. Yay James! His sticker chart is slowly filling up.

It will be a tough day tomorrow. I just received a phone message from my school principal that a teacher passed away suddenly- she was newly retired and her daughter is a teacher at the school too. I didn't know Mrs. Speckien very well but she was a nice lady and well respected. Her teacher friends are going to be devastated tomorrow! I am so sad for the family because they've had tough times before. Mrs. Speckien's other daughter died in a house fire in Dinkytown a few years ago... My thoughts are with them!

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