Thursday, November 12, 2009

Smiling through the pain

Yup, I have issues again. Just days after I finished my last round of antibiotics (illness, sinus infection) a tooth started to ache. I mean, REALLY ache. Not a normal toothache. This probably started on Saturday night or so. On Monday I tried calling my dentist to get an appointment and I couldn't get a hold of anyone. That dentist is all the way in Minneapolis and it takes some effort to get off work, drive there, and get back to work within a few hours. I decided its a good time to find a local dentist, even though I love my dentist in Minneapolis. The Blaine clinic didn't have an opening until Wednesday but I took it.

I found out at the dentist that a tooth that had had a root canal like 9 years ago had become infected, something about the seal to the root had been penetrated, etc etc. They wondered how I had been living with the intense pain! I told them I had been on antibiotics off and on for a month and a half. They concluded that I had held off the infection and pain but the minute the antibiotics left my system it became time to deal with this tooth.

I am now on antibiotics, a stronger form of them and one that I have to take 4 times a day! They also gave me a prescription of Vicodin but I'm only taking that if I have to. I was home alone with James last night and I think I scared Grandma Rosie with the thought of me being loopy and alone with James, so I did hold off on taking that pill until after bedtime. I now joke that I can tell James one day that I gave up Vicodin for him. I lived with the pain like a good Mama :) But really the Vicodin didn't do much for the pain, it just dulled it a bit. I was disappointed.

Today I already feel better. I think the antibiotics are working fast. This just sucks that I have another issue right after being sick for damn near 2 months.

I have a Retreatment procedure scheduled for 11/25, my day off. They are going to go into the crown of my tooth with a microscopic needle and treat the root canal. They said it shouldn't be any worse than a cavity being filled and I should be fine for Thanksgiving. Good thing because I need my pumpkin pie, cranberries, and turkey lurkey!

Oh and check out my new haircut! Its probably hard to see because I'm wearing black but its much shorter than I expected. I was happy with the end result and a student just told me that my hair is "Cute!" so I guess its a good cut :)

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  1. Oh my gosh! I had no idea! You are such a poor thing. And your hair IS cute. I noticed it today but forgot to say anything...I guess I was distracted by the amazing karaoke singing that surrounded us. :)