Tuesday, November 10, 2009

3 year Wellness check

James did NOT like the gown.

Heh. His (diapered) butt is hanging out!

Dr. Keis is wonderful with James. She can always get him to smile!

I was surprised that James cooperated with the vision screening. Instead of identifying letters in this test, he found the ice cream cone, the grapes, the basketball, and the cookie!

The Stats:
Weight: 33 lbs (64 percentile)
Height: 37 1/4 inches (37 percentile)
Blood pressure: 92/58
BMI: 16.76%

I asked about the low percentile for height but he is right on target for a natural progression from his earlier stats. Dr. Keis said that James will most likely reach 5' 9" or 5'10" at this rate.

We discussed his eating, his potty training, and his learning/behavior. All normal :) I am going to try and be tougher about meals (no side meals, and not giving in) at her suggestion, and also I'm really going to focus on potty training during my Christmas break. We're also switching to skim milk and I'm going to try and introduce vitamins again. Dr. Keis suggested that James help me buy the vitamins so he has some buy-in and wants to take them. Some of them have characters that he'd like.

One bit of bad news: He has an ear infection! He really did not show any symptoms beyond the usual daycare sniffles. He will start antibiotics today and we'll see the Doctor again in two weeks to make sure it has disappeared.

James also received another round of shots- flu vaccine (regular not H1H1), Hepatitis A, and the HIB (Haemophilus Influenzae type B). Poor James. I had to help hold him down for the shots but the flu vaccine was a nasal dose. Jim was missed- he is on a business trip in Philadelphia.

Oh, and probably early next year we'll start him with the dentist and eye doctor. I already asked about the eye doctor at the Blaine Eye Clinic and the child-friendly doctor is on maternity leave until January, which is a good time for us to take James too. Dentist? I'm going to a new dentist tomorrow in Blaine, so I'm going to feel out that option.

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