Thursday, November 19, 2009

Awww We Love Dada

Yes, I've been blogging quite a bit lately. I am finding lots of happiness in reflecting on my familia's days together. Lately I've been a bit stressed and overwhelmed at work with the problems of students- homelessness, gangs, racial identity, racial slurs, girl fights, 911 calls, a student suicide at another school in my district, UGH! On Monday I am delivering holiday meals to some families we identified as needing T-day cheer. It makes you grateful to have everything you have!

I found this picture on my iPhone and thought of Jimmy. One morning James pointed out the beautiful colors in the sky. I told him it was a sunrise. It was so beautiful that we took a picture of it and sent it to James' Dada and said we were thinking of him. Awww!

Tonight, James tried to cut his hair with the fake little scissors in his play-doh set. Heh.

We now have FOUR colors of play-doh all mashed up and making me crazy.

Christmas is on James' brain. He has completely skipped over Thanksgiving! We need to fix that!! Poor kid doesn't know the joys of turkey, cranberries, and pumpkin pie all in one day!! He had Thanksgiving last year but probably doesn't remember it. Wait til he tastes his Tia's cooking! T-day is her FAVE!

And so a Christmas book has made an appearance.

So with Christmas on the brain I asked James what he wanted for Christmas. His response? "Popcorn!" Easy.

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