Sunday, November 22, 2009

Little imp

This little boy is so happy and energetic...

Jumping in the "Bounce House Clubhouse" with balloons.

So much energy that he fell asleep playing in his closet clubhouse. Now, this isn't where I left him for his nap. He took himself and a blanket inside the closet and this is how I found him. In the picture he's pretending to be asleep. He wouldn't acknowledge me for a minute, refusing to talk but giving me the most mischievous smile. Funny.

I don't just carry my camera everywhere. I went downstairs quickly to get it because he was just too cute.

Apple Cranberry Cake-Pie


Jim gave his stamp of approval- "Very, very good"! We both agreed that it could use a few more cranberries next time.

A video from my iPhone today. I bumped my head so James did the sing-song little chant that my Mom did for us when we were little. I'll have to get the Spanish translation from Grandma Rosie later. I say it often enough to James that he tries to copy the Spanish :)

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