Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A mouthful

I found that James had a busy day at "school". He had his Spanish class today but also the "Mad Scientist" fieldtrip too! I was sort of peer pressured into the extra Scientist class because I noticed that James was one of three kids that hadn't signed up and I didn't want him to be excluded. These little fieldtrips add up though- this one was an extra $6 and it wasn't even a fieldtrip but someone who came to the school for a this special little class. I guess the fieldtrip part of it is that the kids travel to the "Big Room" where there is more space. Well, sounds like he had fun. He showed off his homemade "play doh" that was a clumpy reddish mess in a ziploc. Cute :)

About his Spanish class, I was surprised to see that the coloring sheet they worked on had really big words on it. Zanahoria? Mantequilla? For a beginner class I thought they'd stick to simple words like the colors, numbers, etc.

We also had a mouthful at dinner tonight, and not in a good way. James refused the mini burger that I made him, the corn, and the "salad" that he did ask for. He cried and cried for pudding. I mean, uncontrollable, loud cries. Talking it out didn't work. A time-out after he angrily pushed a bowl across the table didn't work. He recovered from the time-out and apologized only to burst out in more crying. Aye. And then suddenly James said, "I not crying anymo." And he transformed into a different little boy who tried a bite of the corn, tasted the salad, and then was agreeable to having toast with apple butter instead of pudding. (I was okay with the toast because its that protein bread that we buy.) Wow, it was like a major mood swing!

A little less TV tonight and active play with Dada- soccer in the living room, a Leapfrog video game, playing in the "clubhouse" tent, and lots of laughter. Good times!

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