Thursday, November 19, 2009

Beauty, Brains, and an (early) Bird

My little boy is not only the most beautiful boy, he is also smart. Here is a letter from his Spanish teacher:

Hola Lisa,
I’m pleased to hear from you and it’s great to have James in class. Our classes do include the ABC’s, colors and numbers every time we meet in addition to our monthly theme. James is a good student and a very good listener. I have attached last week’s lesson. You will receive this weeks in the group email that will be going out. You will find that each lesson we do a review of the previous week vocabulary and we add a few more words every week.

Thank you for enrolling James in our class. I’m looking forward to teaching him more and more Spanish. I’m teaching them the ABC song, in Spanish, so you might be hearing him sing some it.

Best regards,

James is such a considerate boy that when he wakes up early he entertains himself in his room so as to not wake up his Mama and Dada. A few times now we have found James playing quietly in his room or reading books in his closet "clubhouse". Thank you James for letting Mama and Dada sleep a little more!

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