Saturday, September 18, 2010


On this beautiful fall day we decided to go to the apple orchard. It's the best part of fall! It's my favorite season, yo.

James was also excited to go. He packed his SW backpack FULL of everything he thought he needed. I didn't even check it to see what was so necessary, but it ended up staying in the car anyway. He's so funny :)

We walked on the trail to see the apple trees. James is getting much better about smiling at the camera but I've learned to try and get the perfect frame ASAP because he loses patience.

I wish I had put my hair down but it was NOT a good hair day.

Apples as far as the eye can see!

This boy is my life.

I could weep because he's so cute.

And playful :) He found a clubhouse to play in.

And there are always sticks to find and collect. We always manage to convince him not to bring them home. The best reason not to bring them home? I mean, the one that works? He needs to leave them for the birds. They need them for a nest.

I know I've taken this shot many times. James loves to watch the apple sorter.

The fun continues! We were invited to a daycare friend's birthday party! Caleb, from school. I really didn't know who Caleb was (besides being a kid in his class) but James said he wanted to go. Caleb's party was at his house- complete with a bounce house, cake, ice cream, and treat bags! James had a great time once he stopped clutching my leg for the first 15 minutes. I didn't think he would do that with all the people- the little ones- familiar and playmates. And even Mrs. Kathy and Ms. Shaena was there! So eventually he played and had fun.

I'm posting this picture because of Daria. Daria is the most adorable, quiet little girl! And she looked like a little princess with the hair, the hairband, and the dangly earrings.

Kissing the ball? I don't know why.

The party moved inside for food, cake, and ice cream. Those brave parents. There were kids running around with balloons and playing. All their family members running around in Iowa shirts (BIG fans), and just general chaos. Fun though :)

Finally! James went into the bounce house. He loves it. I don't know why he hesitated.

And Mrs. Kathy was in there. They LOVE each other. I love seeing that. It makes me feel safe and comfortable leaving James with her at school every day.

This was a funny sign that was in the guest bathroom.

It was a great party! And now we are thinking about what WE want to do for James' party! We're getting excited :)

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