Saturday, September 18, 2010


My sweet Darry, a former student from another life (it seems), came back to CRMS for a quick visit. He was the guest speaker in our AVID classes- he reflected on his time at CRMS, moving on to high school, and then wow'd us with his achievements at college. He has a full ride due to his hard work in HS, and now he's graduating college early. He's going to be a teacher eventually we hope :)

In his speeches I learned a bit more about his struggles- losing his Grandma (who took care of him from baby to 12) and his guilt in finding her too late as she died on the kitchen floor, his Dad dying of liver cancer last year, and then Darry's own health issues. I didn't know the extent of what he was going through. Colon cancer and surgery in March to remove half of his colon. UGH! This kid just needs a good life from this point on!

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