Sunday, September 16, 2007

Don't you love...?

a beautiful fall day at an apple orchard? Please see the September photo album for our orchard pictures.

It was a beautiful day to go to the apple orchard for apples, apple treats, and a short walk through the orchard. James was especially cute in his "Elmer Fudd" hat, bundled up for the cool fall day.

We came home with two bags of apples. We knew that Tia Ana was going to make a special apple tart for our dinner that night and we also wanted extras. Tia Ana and Tio Rich came over for a visit and brought a great dinner- Tio grilled a pork tenderloin (it was very "m", ahem, moist), Tia Ana made her special smashed red potatoes with chives, and we also had grilled zucchini, red onions, and bell peppers. OMG. It was good! James could not get enough of the pork. I think he had at least half of what I ate myself. He is a growing boy after all! He also loved the potatoes and had a bit of zucchini. We were amazed by how much he was able to put away :)

After James went to bed, Ana made the apple tart. It was pretty easy to make, she said, but it had some involved steps. The apples needed to be carmelized on the stovetop with sugar and butter, baked for half an hour in the same pan, and then a pie crust was added to the top for an additional fifteen minutes. She then inverted the apple tart on to a plate and it was so pretty! OMG good too! We were sorry James went to bed and couldn't have apple tart but luckily there are leftovers though I doubt he'll get them (not when Jim and I can polish it off!)

My favorite thing that James is doing right now is still playing in his kitchen cupboard. He gets very involved in taking everything out of the cupboard, chewing on them, or scooting the items around on the floor. He will take a tupperware lid and push it around the kitchen floor (kind of like you would a toy car). I have tried giving him a toy car to see if that would be more fun for him, but it doesn't seem to be. He prefers remote controls, tupperware lids, and "the claw". Oh, and right now he has a small yellow jingle ball that he likes to push around on the floor. Its great fun!

JAMES is fun! Today (Sunday) we're going to the mall after he wakes up from his nap. We will buy his first pair of REAL shoes. He had a pair of Robeez from his Tia Kristina- they were the cutest shoes with penguins :) but now we'll buy him a big boy pair of shoes that will actually be functional and not just decorative! A lot of people have suggested Stride Rite so we will go for a shoe fitting and hopefully he will have a great pair of walking shoes :)

James is awake! I hear him stirring through the baby monitor. I may update later today if we end up getting those shoes so check back?

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