Saturday, September 1, 2007

Grandma Rosie

Grandma Rosie was here on Thursday to be with James while we had to work. I know both James and Grandma enjoyed the solo time together. Grandma, I'm sure, spoiled him rotten! Imagine my surprise at 11am to receive a text message from Grandma Rosie with a picture of James! (I didn't know she could text!) I was honored with several more pictures in the next hour as Grandma Rosie and James went for a walk and to the park.

On Thursday night we had a quiet night since Jim and Larry both went to a fantasy football draft. We took James out to eat at Green Mill, where he ordered his first big boy meal of grilled cheese sandwich, fruit, and applesauce. He did very well despite the mess beneath his highchair!

Friday I stayed home so it was just me and James until Jim called to say he was coming home early. It was a lovely surprise, though he went right to work with power washing the deck.

Today, Saturday, we went to the grocery store after James' morning nap. He woke up early so I decided we would do a quick run before lunch. He was a wonderful, perfect behaved baby! Gone are the days that he won't tolerate the grocery cart :)

Tomorrow we have plans to go to the zoo again. We want to do something fun and different. The Minnesota Trails are now open and I think the weather will be nice and not too hot so we can see some of the outdoor displays. I'm very excited to share the zoo with James again :)

Check back on Monday for pictures (tomorrow night I'll be busy).

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