Sunday, September 9, 2007

10 months!

James is a wonderful, happy baby at 10 months. We're so lucky!

Jim and James shared their first Vikings game of the season. Its amazing the difference in pictures from last year and then this year. James is a different little boy! He was so fragile and thin in Jim's arms, now he's a squirmy chunk! He looked so grown up in his Vikings jersey.

Today he thrilled us with clapping his hands at our prompts and waving goodnight to his Daddy. Its like every day there's something new or something to make us proud :)

His favorite thing to do today was open and close a kitchen cabinet repeatedly. I finally filled the cabinet with baby friendly things- tupperware lids, plastic ice trays, measuring spoons, etc. No need for toys when you have such fun things! He was content to open and close the cabinet door, take out items, and then I'd put them back. Repeat. Repeat. Fun stuff! James may want to be a chef one day with all the kitchen time he's accumulating :)

So I was a couple of days late with the Brownie teddy bear pictures. On the 6th the day was very long and James wasn't in the right mood for pictures. I then held off until the weekend. Finally today it was a good day but then James didn't have ANY interest in Brownie the Bear. Oh well. I did get some cute bathtime pictures if you'd like to look at yesterday's journal entry, video clips, and then the pictures in the Baby Album "September".

Enjoy the pictures and video! Please sign our guestbook too!

Lisa, Jim and James

(In other news- welcome to MN, Baby Esme! The Bakkos are back in the U.S. with their beautiful baby girl! We can't wait to meet her :)

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