Saturday, September 8, 2007


Poor James. He has naked baby pictures now!

It was a pretty good day. I wondered how James would do after a full week of daycare, especially with a couple of naptime changes. Sandra has been giving James only one nap, usually from 12-3pm. He's been a bit crabby at night so I decided to keep him on his normal schedule today to see if it was because of the napping switch. Well, we found out that he still is a little crabby at night even with the normal two naps. He drooled an awful lot today so maybe he has another tooth coming in? That might explalin crabbiness. I tried to feel inside his mouth but James doesn't like that so I wasn't able to determine anything.

Well, 10 month pictures are definitely happening tomorrow. We waited because I really wanted to do outdoor pictures but the sun didn't cooperate today. Maybe tomorrow? And anyway its football tomorrow! There is a new Vikings jersey for James to wear so that might be the perfect outfit for 10 month pictures :)

Check back soon!

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