Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sick baby

James is sick again. He and I have been fighting colds for a couple of weeks now, I thought it was mostly gone until last night. Jim and I were startled to hear coughing through the baby monitor last night. James has never really had a cough before! Actually this will be his second real illness since birth!

Yesterday we prepared for our football guests by cleaning the house and getting groceries. Jim was a master chef and made all the football goodies. So Jim's friends came over today for the football game. The Vikings lost. Oh well. There were a couple of kids here today but I kept James away from them, thinking they wouldn't want to be sick- especially the 2 month old baby! James was pretty intrigued by the kids, too bad he was crabby most of the day :(

I didn't end up giving James a bath tonight because he looked so miserable. It was a struggle anyway to give him a bottle (only drank half) and then change his diaper. I knew the bath wouldn't go over well. I also took his temperature and it was 102. Poor James! I gave him some Baby Motrin.

Well, we'll decide in the morning if James should go to daycare. I have to review their sick policy. I don't think they would appreciate James giving his cold/flu to everyone!

There are still photo issues- I tried uploading the pictures again but there must be something wrong with this babysite. I know I did it right, so there is something wrong on this end. They better fix this! It will get pretty annoying soon.

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