Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day

James started a new thing today. He was making this weird, throaty sound- it reminded me of speaking another language- German perhaps? Anyway, I would imitate him and it cracked him up. We started doing the sound back and forth today with always the same results- James laughing. (video below)

After his (short) morning nap I took James to Kmart for their big baby sale. James will probably need some fall/winter clothing and I was a little obsessed with the idea of finding clothes TODAY. I did find some long sleeved onesies with cute sayings, some corduroy pants, and some sweat/athletic pants. Oh, and a coat. I'm still on the lookout for snowpants (needed for outside play and daycare) but its going to be tough. I found that clothes shopping for James is hard. The sizes are all over the place and I needed to look at the suggested height and weight on the tags.

Just thinking about fall/winter is getting me so excited for Halloween, apple orchards, and winter fun (snowman building, sledding, etc.) I'm not an outdoorsy person but I'm looking forward to a hopefully mild winter where James can get outside and enjoy the outdoors.

Oh, another thing I purchased today was a Walk n Ride toy for James. He's not showing too much interest in walking solo besides pulling up on furniture and cruising around in that way. I figured a walking toy would be nice to get him moving around the house in a different way. The toy also converts to a mini car that he'll be able to ride on. He also seemed to like this! (video below)

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