Monday, September 17, 2007


James is so unlike me in the mornings. He is happy as can be! I am definitely not a morning person and most mornings I will run around crazy trying to get organized and ready in time to leave. James doesn't have a care in the world- he's a baby! He gets his bottle and his diaper changed and he's good to go :)

Yesterday was an eventful day. Well, I was excited. I took James to the mall and we bought several things for him- he got his first pair of "real" shoes (!!!!), some baby house slippers, a winter coat, and matching snowpants. First the shoes. We went to Stride Rite (Grandma Rosie recommended, I think she took me there when I was a little girl?) and James was fitted for shoes- a size 5 wide according to them. The shoes are brown leather, casual but not sneakers, as they said. He seems to like them just fine. He likes the velcro sound.

Next we went to the Baby Gap and I looked at the chocolate brown winter coats that I had admired last week. They had his size and matching snowpants so I decided to get them, knowing that they have a 90 day return policy. I *think* I got the right sizes (the 12-18 mo size coat is roomy, the snowpants I got 18-24 month size because the smaller size fit him just right and I wanted them to be a bit bigger). I hope I did okay. I doubted my purchases but knowing that I can return them if they don't work out makes me feel better. A similar coat is on the Baby Gap website, but ours doesn't have the fur trimmed hood.

I'm wondering what to do with a winter baby though. He isn't supposed to have a winter coat on in the car because of the carseat (the puffy coats interfere with safety)... so I think he wears a coat before/after the carseat. I guess we need to warm up the car and have a lap blanket for him?

After the mall, James had his afternoon nap and then I left to go run errands with my friend Anna. James and Jim went to Grandma Laura's for a quick visit.

We had yummy leftovers for dinner (the apple tart was just as good as the night before, warmed in the oven) and a quiet night afterwards.

Its a busy work week for me! I hope James is doing well at daycare today. He had some poop issues yesterday. I'm sure he'll love to read this years from now :)

I think James looks like Grandma Rosie in this picture.

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