Thursday, September 6, 2007

10 months and Yay!

When I picked up James today from daycare, he waved at me! Sandra came to the door with James in her arms, he saw me, and when I smiled and spoke to him he waved! He waved to Sandra (kind of) as we left the house too.

I was a happy Mama to see my son wave hello! And a proud Mama because we ran an errand and the people at the store were seriously gushing about how beautiful James is. This happens a lot and I'm just so proud that he's a good, beautiful little boy!

Can you believe that I did not take pictures today to celebrate James' 10 month birthday? I did not forget. I wanted to take them tomorrow when Jim is home. He is at pool tonight and I wanted him to be home to take a few pictures of James and I, and then to be in a couple of pictures with James too. It will be the first month that I didn't do it on the exact day (the 6th) but I think it will be okay!

Check back tomorrow night if you'd like!

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