Thursday, September 27, 2007


James had his doctor's appointment yesterday, and of course after I made the appointment his skin seemed to be getting better. I felt a little foolish but then decided I would rather be too cautious and play it safe. The doctor did say that it looked like a reaction to soap, fabric, or something like that. He recommended that we not bathe James for a few days and apply (prescribed) hydrocortisone cream to his back, let it clear up, and then go ahead with baths using our regular products. If it flares up again, we will know that it is the bath products or laundry detergent. The rash could be from a scratchy fabric or just a sudden reaction to bath products we've been using for months. Who knows! He did want us to get this cleared up ASAP because he said he's seen nasty rashes that spread to a child's face, arms, neck, etc.

Oh, and James is weighing in at 24 lbs, 2 ozs.! No wonder he seems heavy lately. He is a big boy!

James is doing well at daycare, he's been happier at night and lots of fun. I love to watch James climb and play on his Dada. He climbs over Jim like he's a mountain to conquer! Its interesting to see how James plays differently with both of us. With me, James likes to be held or likes the rough and tumble play- I throw him up in the air, chase him around the ottoman, or swing him around in circles. With Jim, he will play on the floor or climb over him- fascinated with his Dada's stubble and his face. I also love the greeting that Jim gets when he comes home from work- James will stop what he is doing, crawl over to the door, and raise his hands up like he want to be picked up. Its so cute how excited he gets! I always say, "Dada is home! Dada is home!"

James is also getting really good at saying "Da". We practice in the car. Now if we can just get him to say "Da Da" and know it means Jim!

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